Client Details

The Big Issue Foundation is a part of The Big Issue Group and works to create opportunities for people in poverty; by giving financial and wellbeing support, job prospects and access to resources to improve their futures.

The Big Issue Foundation approached us to build a new WordPress website as their previous site required significant updating to make it responsive and easily manageable for the team.

The Challenge

There were a lot of stakeholders within the Big Issue and Big Issue Foundation to consider in the project, ensuring that the website was fit for purpose was key to its success. The website needed to have a very clear user journey which allowed users to easily donate and work with the charity. As an existing website that drives income for the Foundation, it was essential that the launch of the new website was seamless with no downtime and that the launch was well managed and communicated to all stakeholders.

Our Solution

We worked with the Foundation to understand how users engage with the website, creating custom user journeys to drive more revenue. We also explored what the Foundation team would need in order to manage the site efficiently and therefore, what would need to be built into the content management system (CMS) to service their requirements. This included, for example, the ability to create new appeals and create homepage takeovers quickly.

How we Added Value

A complete audit of the existing site identified that complex URL structure and legacy pages were having significant, negative impacts on the performance of the site. It was hard for users to navigate and required full optimisation to allow it to perform better in search. Content had been added to the site sporadically over the past few years resulting in duplicate content, duplicate pages, missing page titles and metadata. All of this had a significant impact of the organic performance of the site. We created a list of recommendations to improve the users and SEO performance of the site, which informed the redesign and build of the new website. We suggested improvements to existing responsive designs to improve users experience and changes to the site structure for SEO. This was all done within existing group guidelines so that all of the websites remain consistent.

The Results

The Big Issue Foundation site is now a fully responsive, income-generating, self-managed site that is structured for growth.

In the first few months of launch, conversions from mobile and device traffic grew significantly. The team can now be more responsive by adding new content to the site and managing new opportunities as well as undertaking essential updates on the site.