A range of services

Online content

Copywriting: We can provide unlimited content for your website, including full site content, and we pride ourselves on our excellent copywriting services, for any site or page type. We’ll make sure it’s engaging, eye-catching, thought-provoking and ensure all your online content is linked up nicely and your website content gets the visibility it deserves. We’ll create content to encourage users to take action and get in touch with you.

Search engine optimisation (SEO): We use the best and most up-to-date tactics to ensure your website comes up first when people are looking for a business like yours in a search engine such as Google. This is called search engine optimisation (SEO), and is hugely important to the success of your website, and can help improve your business’s visibility tenfold. To find out why SEO is so important head to our SEO page.

Social media: Recently it’s become more about engagement than a following on social media, and though we will make sure that what we do increases your following, we’ll also ensure we had lots of engaging content to keep people viewing, reading and sharing your business’s work. Different social media platforms have different audiences, so we’ll discuss which ones are more important for you and your business, and go over the tones used on the various platforms as well as the type of content that we’ll be including on there. Social media is important for building trust, increasing site traffic and engaging with your audience.

Blogging services: Fresh blog content on your website is important for a number of SEO reasons and is a place where you can reach out to your users with useful content. All the optimised content we will provide you with will include imagery and calls to action. A blog is also a more informal way of adding personality to your online presence. Have a look at our blog for inspiration.

Proofreading: Already got content on your site but feel it needs tweaking? We can help with our copy review services. From proofreading blogs to creating full content strategies and planners, we offer full-service content marketing from one-off campaigns to long-term projects.

Keeping you up-to-date

We’re always available and on-hand to keep content fresh on your website. We will update it for you as your company grows and add changes to reflect the present status of your company. You may find your target customers or audience change – we can alter the content to reflect this as it develops over time.

Marketing strategies, especially SEO, can change over time. Though a company may once have been the most visible, they can drop down or become harder to find if their website and other marketing content such as social media has not been consistently maintained. This is where we come in. At Britweb we can continuously stay on top of your company’s performance using the best data analytics and adapt as your needs change to ensure you’re always the go-to business in your industry.

One-off campaigns

It’s not all about website content. Though most people looking for a service will want to look through your website or may utilise SEO, you may also find more traffic to your website and more interest in your business from people who happen to stumble across a great campaign you’ve rolled out. A campaign can be based on a product launch, new range or event, or even a one-off charity or collaborative campaign.

At Britweb, we can help you think outside the box to achieve a jaw-dropping campaign, making sure your product launch or event goes without a hitch and gets the recognition it deserves. Discover what we did for YourZone45 here. We can also help you collaborate with another organisation in the industry or even outside the industry (such as a charity or other local business) for a joint campaign, to reach an audience you may never have reached before. Then when your new audience need your services, they’ll remember you. It also means an audience you don’t usually reach will be driven to your website and social media and may even give you a follow or share, which is all fantastic exposure to keep you in the public eye.

Research and consultation

At Britweb we don’t just write any old mediocre copy on your website. We learn about your company inside out, research the industry you’re in, learn about your competitors, your social media, your local visibility, your website success so far, among a number of other things. We deem all of this to be incredibly important in ensuring that our marketing strategy is a successful one for you. We will set up meetings with you, engage with your staff and find out exactly what you want from us as a service.

We’ll set up a bespoke package and talk through with you what we think is best. We may even, with your approval, survey your target market to find out what they want or even speak to your clients to ensure you’re making the most of digital and print marketing for your business. As a data driven company, analysing our clients’ current performance and ensuring it

improves with the work we do is important to both us and our customers. We work with new businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as long-established national and international brands, so having a bespoke package where we’ve spent the time getting to know you and your business is vital. We always run everything by you along the way, so you can stay in control of your company’s marketing.

Creating brand tone

At Britweb we have designers who can do a complete overhaul of your brand and messaging. Not only this but we can create a ‘brand tone’ which is unique to your company, and we can disseminate this tone across all your marketing to ensure your messaging is consistent and identifiable as yours. We’ll then be able to provide you with a ‘brand tone’ guide, should you wish to add any of your own content in the future. We believe creating a brand tone is extremely important in making sure you stand out to potential customers. A brand tone should compliment both your business objectives and your audiences, which we take into consideration when doing our research.

New site builds

Though we are more than happy to work with the website you already have, we can also create an entire website for you from scratch, giving you a reason to share your modern and up-to-date website with both new and old clients. We find building a new site from scratch makes your business look modern, responsive to your audience, and encourages clients to take up your services again.

Of course, a brand new website could be your very first website if you run a start-up business. This is an extremely exciting time for both our new business clients and our team at Britweb, as we get a feel for what you do and who you are and create a bespoke website to reflect it.

With a new website, we’ll create a brand tone and plenty of content from scratch to compliment your business objectives and audiences and encourage users to take action and get in touch. We’ll of course prioritise optimised content for Google too so your website grows from the moment you go online.

Print media

When it comes to print content, there are a range of things we can do at Britweb to get your business seen.

Options include:

  • Pamphlets and leaflets: These can be for your business in general, or for a specific event, product, season or audience, and can be made quickly if you need them available for a certain event. We work with selected partners to print these in small or large numbers and give you our advice as to what you may need based on your business.
  • Adverts: We can print a set of adverts for you like we do with our leaflets and pamphlets, or we can research the ideal newspapers or magazines for your business to feature in. We will look at audience, circulation, and negotiate with the publication to ensure you receive good visibility on the right page for a reasonable price. We will then design the advert for you using your branding and seek your approval before sending over to the printers or publication.
  • Campaigns: We have worked on a number of print campaigns for clients, both locally and nationally. We would be more than happy to discuss what we can do for you and your business.

PR and outreach

PR is a fantastic way of achieving free advertising for your business, whether achieving local, national, or trade press coverage. We can reach out to the right agencies or outlets to ensure there are some great stories about the work you do, or even just links on other websites or articles which will help increase your site traffic.

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