Client Details

Cooper Weston Electrical Contractors

Cooper Weston, a London and Sussex based electrical contractor was established in 2011.

Britweb was commissioned to create the startups’ logo, business card, and marketing designs. After a successful branding exercise, we helped to build their first website,

Cooper Weston understood the value of SEO and their company being visible on search engine results pages. From day one, we have worked closely with Cooper Weston on local SEO and have helped them grow and develop into a leading electrical contracting company in the South.

The Challenge

As a new startup, Cooper Weston needed to develop strong branding coupled with engaging website content to showcase their services and skills. They wanted to focus their efforts on attracting commercial and industrial work and looked to target the London area.

Our Solution

Britweb built targeted pages, collected case studies and worked to gain high-quality outreach pieces on respected industry publications to dramatically improve Cooper Weston's visibility. Britweb's work cemented the site firmly on the relevant pages of Google, and we are continuously creating convent to provide key information and build trust with the users viewing the site.

The Results

Cooper Weston has grown exponentially since launch and has secured some great business, all while appearing high in the results for relevant searches. The website traffic has increased 40.36% between 2105 and 2017, and we continue to work with their team to secure future growth.