A tailored social media service

At Britweb, we work with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more, and tailor each profile and marketing campaign to your brand, ensuring each platform works for you. Different audiences are on different platforms, for instance there are more women in the age category 30-60 on Facebook, and more young people on Instagram, meanwhile LinkedIn has a different tone altogether as it targets professionals. We can be on-hand to make sure the right content is on the right platform, and that we prioritise the social media platforms which best fit your target market. If you are especially image focused, for instance you have eye-catching products, we can set up regular photo-shoots so there is plenty of visual content which can go on the likes of Instagram and Pinterest.

Why is social media important?

  • Social media is constantly evolving. Over four billion people now use social media, which is over half the world’s population. Most people are on the main platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. This ever-growing audience means that it’s fast become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.
  • Social media is relatively inexpensive, and investing in a company to take control of your social media is proportionately small compared to the returns it brings. Sponsored posts which are guaranteed to reach your target market are also a cheap and easy way of advertising with a guaranteed number of people spotting your advert. Often, you only ‘pay-per-click’ through to your post or link. It’s a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website and encourage users to ‘like’ your page and continue to receive your future posts. It’s important to invest in your social media to maximise its huge potential in sales, audience and brand building and engagement.
  • Social media is so much more than setting up a profile. Unlike just having a website, it’s a two-way platform where you can be active and engage with your audience while building your brand’s reputation and increasing awareness of your products. It means people learn to trust you as they’ll see your excellent customer service towards all customers on your profile, as well as in response to their own queries. It also means they can readily read reviews about your business, so your product and professionalism shines through. It’s much more trustworthy than ‘taking your word for it’ by looking at your website.

Our specialist social media team are highly qualified and have extensive experience in delivering engaging and successful online campaigns for a huge range of clients. At Britweb, we’re always keeping up with the latest social updates and new features and are skilled across all main platforms. We also regularly assess our clients’ social media platforms and their performance using social media analytics, so our clients can see the benefits they’re getting from an active social media following and engaging posts.

How we can help

At Britweb, we have a variety of social media services on offer:

  • Platform setup: We can set up as many as you feel appropriate for your business, and we’re happy to use our expertise to guide you on this.
    Campaign management: We will devise a bespoke campaign to get your social media thriving, and we’ll keep you informed and seek your approval on our ideas and the implementation process at every step of the way.
  • Paid social ads: Our team know who to target and how many people we’ll need to reach for optimum results. We’ll let you know how successful each advert has been soon after it’s gone online.
  • Social scheduling: It can often be time consuming to schedule in interesting and regular social media posts. Let the team at Britweb do the hard work for you by regularly maintaining your social media channels.
  • Social content design: We design all content from scratch, and have insight into some of the most successful campaigns out there. We’ll use our expertise to ensure you have the very best social content design.
  • Bespoke one-to-one training: Is social media like a minefield to you? Don’t worry, it is to nearly all the businesses we work with! We provide one-to-one training to you and your staff on all the social media platforms, should you want it. We are on-hand throughout the day to answer any queries you may have on your social media pages, or social media in general.
  • Creative content: We can produce interesting and engaging content for your audience, including regular content such as blogs. From there, we’ll devise scheduled social media posts sharing this content on your various platforms, while linking to your website wherever possible.
  • Strategy: For all services, we’ll create a strategy based on your wants and needs and will perform a detailed audit to make sure you’re above and beyond the competition. All our work on your social media platforms will help towards improving SEO for your business, and any of our outreach work will be shared across your social media. Keeping content shared across all platforms and making sure your audience is across all your social media channels and website is a great way of maximising your reach.

Results driven

At Britweb, we provide our clients with a detailed monthly report that draws on results and data from various analytical platforms to see how their social media has performed. We know that lots of stats and graphs can be a bit confusing, so we break down the findings to clearly show what we’ve found and also offer recommendations on what can be improved going forward. As our relationships with our clients grow, so does our knowledge on what works for an individual business and we’re constantly improving our services to our clients.

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