So you’ve got yourself a brand new website and it’s ready to go live and be seen by the world. But before you hit that publish button, here are some top tips from Laura, one of our trusty web developers, on some vital final checks that are important to remember…

1. Re-read your content

The content of your site holds all the important details of your business that you want people to know; so its important that it’s perfect! You could always have someone else look over the content as they could pick up on something you have missed. Two heads are always better than one!

Check for spelling and grammar errors as they are a definite turn-off for prospective clients when viewing your site. It can make you look unprofessional, and may lower their first impression of your business.  Don’t just rely on those spell checkers; always read and re-read. The same goes for making sure your copy makes sense. You may have written pages and pages of content for your site, but it might not all be relevant. Avoid babbling, and keep all your info relevant.


2. Make sure you haven’t forgotten any social links

As social media is updated more frequently than your website may be, people may want to follow you on social media, and keep up to date with your business. Make sure there are clear links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc on your site and double check these are linking to the correct platforms. You can even include live twitter feeds and Facebook updates…so long as you’re keeping them up to date! Social links also improve your sites SEO ranking which is another bonus to including them.


3. Double check all contact details are correct

Before going live, make sure that any contact details on the site are up to date and correct. The last thing you want is potential clients trying to call or email your business and not being able to reach anyone. If you have a contact form on the site, it’s always worth testing this with a few people to make sure any enquiries are being received as well.


4. Ensure you are happy with the placement of the images and that all images you want are on the site

If you pay for professional images, you want to make sure as many are on site as possible. The images help show of you business, and break up the text to make it more readable. It’s worth doing an image audit of the staging site; going through each page and checking that any images you want have been added.


5. Check your testimonials are up to date

Testimonials and recommendations are highly valuable to your business as they are legitimate reviews of your business and services and are therefore trusted by readers. Either contact clients directly for a quote or utilise your online platforms such as Check a Trade and even Facebook; pick out the best ones and make sure they are incorporated into the site.

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