26th February 2024

Best Social Media Management Tools

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Managing your brand’s presence on social networks has never been more important. To thrive in the world of social media marketing, you need the right tools at your disposal. Whether it’s conducting market research, scheduling posts, or creating eye-catching visuals, there are many tools available to make your social media strategy a breeze. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best tools for social media marketing, all designed to help you streamline your efforts and boost your online presence.


Brandwatch is a powerhouse for conducting market research and measuring brand sentiment. It offers the ability to gather industry data, delve into consumer insights, and track brand performance metrics. With its advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, Brandwatch lets you stay on top of trends and monitor how your brand is perceived online.


Hootsuite is the go-to tool for publishing content. Its user-friendly dashboard allows you to schedule posts across various social platforms, ensuring your messages reach your audience at the right time.

Not only can you schedule posts, but you can also make use of Hootsuite’s reporting tools. These tools allow you to track engagement metrics across all of your social media platforms, helping to guide your social media marketing strategy.


Shopview is the ideal social media management software for those with Shopify websites. It seamlessly integrates with Hootsuite and Shopify, making it effortless to sell your products directly on social media. This tool simplifies the process of showcasing your products and enabling customers to shop without leaving their preferred social platform.


Linktree offers a centralised solution for managing all of your important links. Instead of overwhelming your social media bio with multiple links, Linktree provides a clean, user-friendly interface where you can house all your relevant URLs.

This tool is free unless you choose to upgrade to a higher plan, and it allows you to completely customise your Linktree page with your own branding. Linktree is especially handy for social media platforms where you can only include one clickable link in your bio.


Bit.ly is your go-to solution for shortening URLs and creating QR codes. It streamlines your links, making them cleaner and more user-friendly. Plus, the QR code feature is perfect for offline marketing efforts, enabling seamless transitions between digital and physical interactions.


Canva is an excellent social media management tool that helps you create stunning visuals for your social media campaigns. With a wide range of templates, graphics, and editing tools, Canva makes it easy to craft eye-catching posts, stories, and advertisements that captivate your audience and reinforce your brand identity.

Canva has its own AI attachment, allowing you to create images and videos based on your own prompts. You can also save your brand’s colour scheme to be easily used in each of your templates. This is particularly useful for agencies that run multiple social media accounts.

Not only can you create a wide range of images and infographics, but Canva also allows you to create videos and Reels for Instagram. Video has become one of the most prominent social media strategies, as the algorithms favours them, so this feature is particularly useful for those wanting to create easy videos for their social media channels.


Unsplash is a treasure trove of free stock images that can elevate your social media content. High-quality visuals are crucial for grabbing attention, and Unsplash offers a vast library of images that you can use without worrying about copyright restrictions.


Lately.ai simplifies content creation by automatically generating dozens of promotional social posts from webinars, podcasts, or blogs you upload. This AI-driven tool saves you time and ensures your content reaches a wider audience, all within the Hootsuite platform.


Buffer is another excellent social media management platform. Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer offers robust features for planning and automating your content. Many social media managers find Buffer’s interface intuitive and its analytics tools helpful for refining their strategies.

Social Media Management Tools

The world of social media marketing is vast and ever-evolving. You need the right tools to stay ahead of the competition and engage your audience effectively. The tools mentioned above are some of the best in the business, each serving a unique purpose to enhance your social media efforts. Whether you’re conducting research, scheduling posts, creating visuals, or simplifying e-commerce, these tools can be your secret weapons for social media success.

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