Zak's work experience at Britweb

Here at BritWeb, we very open to giving young people the chance to join us for work experience. So when a student from Tanbridge asked if he could join us for a week, we invited him in with open arms. During Zak’s week with us, he visited different departments in our company each day to learn a variety of skills and see how everyday tasks and goals are achieved in digital agencies. Here’s what he had to say about his week…


Zak’s week at BritWeb


On my first day I was very nervous; I didn’t know the people or what the work would be like. Over my work experience week the nervous feeling died down and it began to feel normal to be in the office. I’ve got to know the team well as I have worked with each person on different parts of a website design.

I learnt about SEO and how important it is to help a website appear on Google. Things that contribute to this are page titles and meta descriptions – these appear in the Google search results for each page. The more relevant these are to the search term the better. Also, the content on a web page is very important – the more useful content the better the page should perform. This will boost rankings, engagement and conversions. I spent the day creating page titles, meta descriptions and H1 tags for a local website, also looking at the user experience of three popular websites and commenting on how they could be improved. 


Wednesday was a design day! I focused mainly on making 404 pages for two companies, Honest Eats and Southern Communications. Honest Eats website has a big range of colours and a fun theme which gave me a lot to play with when designing. When creating the images, I either made them myself from scratch or I took them from the company’s social media and branding and edited them. 


In the morning I learnt what re-marketing and re-targeting are with BritWeb’s PPC manager Carl. We created adverts to re-market to people who visited a clients checkout page but didn’t end up buying, or visited the site but didn’t look for very long. For the checkout advert, I showed the customer the items they left in their basket to encourage them to buy. For the re-targeting adverts we decided to show people products they might like based on what they were looking at, reminding them why they originally visited.  

On Thursday afternoon I learnt about CSS and started using it to change parts of a website to fit the design. I started by changing the fonts, size and colour of the text, also creating a bottom border to make an underline for the H3 headings. Then I made a box for the content in each H3 heading, editing the border radius, padding and text alignment to match the design brief.


I continued with creating re-marketing advert designs and changed the colours, styles and added free delivery to the advert. The idea behind this was to grab the attention of those who hadn’t yet bought from the online shop.  

Overall, I really enjoyed my week at BritWeb and learnt a lot about the field I’m looking to work in when I leave school. Thank you to the team for having me!

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