Twitter Changes 2015

Twitter has come out with a series of plans to improve existing features during the coming months and going into 2015. They have stated that their goal is not to get more content on the platform but to try and increase engagement and give its best and most relevant content more exposure.
Here are a few of the upcoming changes that we thought were most exciting.

Twitter-Hosted Native Video

Video has never been a main focus on Twitter but soon users will be able to upload, edit and share videos directly from the compose a tweet box.

Twitter’s instant timeline

This change is said to make finding relevant people to follow much easier to newcomers. Users will be asked to identify interests, including popular accounts, news and information, sports or entertainment, and then upload their contacts to find other people they know. The instant timeline will then be personalised according to the data collected.

‘While you were away’

Twitter have said that they are going to introduce a ‘While you were away’ feature, which will hopefully solve the problem of users missing out on great content and conversations.

Marketing in mainstream media

This one may not be such a positive change for many users. Twitter are planning to focus more on advertising by increasing banner ads and other digital-media formats. They are hoping this will drive up general awareness of the platforms visibility.

Alerts and breaking news

The company plans to roll out more complete breaking-news alerts and could also offer more alerts for trending topics.


Twitter are soon to introduce click-to-call button and are currently testing a buy button that allows you to make purchases from within a tweet.

So if you’re a Twitter user (who isn’t these days), make sure to keep an eye out for these upcoming changes, as they will be coming soon! Let us know which one you think will be the most useful and why, below.

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