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Another case for video…

Following on from our big education session on Friday, I would like to draw your attention to some outstanding web content that really does showcase the potency of using video on your website.

718 Cyclery in New York looks, from a quick glance, like any other bike shop but walk through the door and you are greeted with something just a little bit different.

You may or may not be a cyclist but you cannot fail to be moved by the enthusiasm, passion and sheer joy this business has toward delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Now these chaps could have made a simple video featuring the owner waxing lyrical about his business and inviting the good people of New York to spend money on the latest cycling technology, but this beautifully crafted piece draws you into a world that appeals to us on so many levels not least of which is the total satisfaction of saying “I made that”.

Consider how you could transfer your passion into something as elegant as this.

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