So much is being written and discussed about this current global crisis and it’s difficult not to get swept up in feelings of doom and panic. There is however one thing we can all take comfort in, and that is time.

Since humans invented the concept of time the past, present and future have served us beautifully. Time gives us perspective, energy and hope. It allows us to reflect on our past actions thus contextualising our current behaviours. This, in turn, gives us the benefit of hope and possibility and the ability to become stronger and wiser.

Time indeed is our great teacher.

In business, time allows us to learn from our mistakes and thus improve our processes. Based on past performance we can plan better futures, and better futures mean happy people, profitable businesses and a more secure economy for all.

In turbulent times it’s tempting to bolt the door and wait for the storm to pass but, as we’re seeing right now, looking inward is dangerously destructive behaviour. If you’re anything like me the absence of real-world human contact is a big challenge. Aside from the practical issue of not being able to visit clients, colleagues, prospects and my network, isolation breeds malaise and a focus on “what is lost”.

Thankfully, in today’s hyper-connected world we can mitigate isolation with technology. Businesses can maintain control and morale of teams and clients via a plethora of online communication channels, be it social media, WhatsApp and conferencing software such as Zoom or Google Meet.

The future is where our opportunities lie – that’s where our hopes and dreams live. In order to get there, we need to plan in the present taking advantage of the certain knowledge (as evidenced by the past) that, this too shall pass.

And when it does pass, what does the future look like for your business?

Smart businesses are in planning mode right now. They realise that the energy they are investing in the present creates ripples into the future. Keeping your brand front and centre even in the “down times” is a critical factor in building trust, maintaining momentum and creating a competitive edge.

The good times will return (refer to the past), and dependent on your action today (the present) your hopes and dreams will be realised (the future).

Stay safe everyone and use this time wisely.

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