The web – pretty magnificent isn’t it? From the comfort and warmth of an armchair at home you can book holidays, look for a new house, order some new attire and even the wardrobe to put it in – all from a handheld device. Who would have thought eh?!?

The power of the web is astounding. Honestly, just take a moment to really think about what the web does for us all. Every day, every minute, every time we need something, want to book, want to see, want to hear, want to laugh, to have an opinion or a voice, we can all turn to the web, do what we set out to do and get answers quickly.

Now, think about what the web is doing or can do for your business. It holds the power to represent you and your company, to rank you against your competitors. In just a few seconds, the world can look at your business and what it has to offer. The web shows visitors exactly how you have the solutions for their needs and what you’ll do to fulfil them.

Want to get the most out of the internet? First stop – a brilliantly designed website, somewhere for your customers to recognise themselves in your brand, that allows them to quickly and clearly understand what it is you’ll do for them. For you, we’d guess (an educated guess!) that you’d want that quick visit to turn into a loyal client.

A good website is a good start but you need the tools to use it. You need to learn how to become friends with Google, to understand how it will rank your business and how you get to the top of search results. You need to understand the ways Social Media can increase your online presence and what that means for your business.

You need to be smart, be consistent and be there! Come along to our free Education Day on January 31st at The Capitol, Horsham. We’ll teach you how to become best friends with Google and how to become a Social Media star. It’s all very exciting. Register right now – we’d love to see you there.

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