Is your business local to Horsham? Do you utilise Social Media to aid and grow your business and engage your clientèle? If so, you probably already know there is a Horsham Facebook page with over 10,000 members.

As Nik Butler alluded to in his article for the District Post here the 10,000 likes is a fickle measurement and I’d concur with his assessment that the day to day views and engagement is probably nearer to 3/4000. Still, that’s a lot of people that are based in a geographical area your business covers.

So, how can you harness this opportunity and why would you want to? Well, in particular the Horsham page, unlike others like it, is run very well. As a page or person advertising yourself or services you may only post once a week. This saves the page from becoming a ‘Friday-Ad’ style directory which is a sure-fire way to turn people away.

So, use this once a week option well – offer out content that is of interest and not purely self promotional, give out a saving, deal or coupon so you can track if you get any interest. On top of this, there is no reason your business page cannot post more than once a week if the post is of value to the page.

Comment on others threads if it’s something that is relevant to your business. For example a taxi firm can post traffic updates or a wedding photographer could comment on a thread asking for advice on local venues to ‘tie the knot’. If your information is of real value you may even get a repost from the pages manager which could be worth around 3000 views as it is likely to be displayed on users News Feeds rather than relying people to visit the page to read it.

If you offer a good service then users are likely to recommend you and that can only enhance your reputation locally. Be sure to recommend other too!

In conclusion, why not use the Horsham page for your business if it is based in the town? Especially if your offer or comment is of genuine interest to people, it helps to build the community page and network both companies and our towns individuals. Important to remember though, no one likes sell sell sell so don’t over do it!

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  1. Today I posted a comment about BattleQuest Games, whom are themselves another local Horsham shop, and in doing so I left a comment about the service and reason why it was relevant to my and my experiences.

    Similarly earlier today another Facebook user talked about Horsham Bedding Centre and how they went beyond process and provided a service in relation to the person and it was their experiences communicated on that page which made an impact.

    Should businesses advertise on the page; well certainly once a week is fine but in doing so what makes them different from every other once a week poster ?

    What businesses should look for is people sharing their experiences , I am loathe to say stories because this is another Marketing hijacked word , of how they interacted with that business. Finding ways to share with each other what we found Good and great creates a message that lasts longer than week.

    So how does all this relate to my first comment ? People who have worked with me have left their comments on my page and in doing so shared their experiences in ways that help other future customers to understand me.

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