It’s officially that time of year again. Christmas adverts are everywhere, and top brands have certainly come out with some crackers this year. In our 2015 Christmas ad round-up, Marks and Spencer stole our hearts for best advert of the year. This year, the competition is tough.

John Lewis

You can’t have a Christmas Advert round-up without mentioning the John Lewis advert! It’s one of the most highly anticipated signs that Christmas is coming, apart from the Coca-Cola truck of course! Last year John Lewis made everyone (well, at least us here in the BritWeb office) tear up with the story of Monty the Penguin. This year, a little old man on the moon is their protagonist, joined by a girl with a telescope and a big heart. Lots of the cheesy Christmas spirit in this one, you can tell!

John Lewis have teamed up with Age UK to bring us this advert in a bid to encourage people to donate to the charity. The retailer have once again invested a large sum of money (£7 million to be exact) in a crisp TV advert and a range of toys, glow in the dark pyjamas, a smartphone game and 11 stores being decked out like the surface of the moon. All proceeds from sales go to Age UK, plus there’s a page where you can either make a single or monthly donation.

They’ve gone all out, but has it paid off? A lot of people have responded to the advert saying that it didn’t make sense and wasn’t realistic. Yet, we don’t see how it’s any less realistic than the advert from last year. It’s a good advert, not their best, but has a great message behind it.


How could we talk about the John Lewis advert without mentioning Aldi. Sticking to their usual comedic “I like this one, but I also like this one” theme of adverts, they’ve made a parody of the Man on the Moon. An old man sits on the moon on his bench, just as in the John Lewis ad. But instead of just one telescope, he has two! Surprise surprise, one is from John Lewis, and the other from Aldi. As he looks through the second telescope, gin loving Jean floats towards him, feathers and all. I don’t know about you, but we’re certainly over the moon with this spoof.



This two minute advert is full of pure genius in our opinion. Mulberry have taken the story of baby Jesus being born in a stable but given it a modern twist. A gorgeous red Mulberry bag is the token baby Jesus, gifted to a young lady by her boyfriend after moving into their new home.

We love how Mulberry have made an advert that’s not just flashing their bags and scarves and beauty goods surrounded by sparkles. They’ve really made an advert that’s on everyone’s level, making Mulberry bags seem just within reach. A great way to advertise their expensive handbags.

Let’s not spoil the whole advert by describing it – watch it now!



Lidl isn’t usually on our radar when it comes to Christmas adverts, but this year they are. They’ve brought us the Hogwarts equivalent of Christmas School. From leftover sandwich classes to fairy light untangling, there’s no stone left unturned in this advert. It truly gets you in the true spirit of Christmas, reminding you of all the little delights and stresses that are yet to come. In conjunction with their advert, they’ve launched an online ‘Christmas school’ which is really a resource full of how to style posts. You can learn how to make a gingerbread house or mulled spiced apple. Yum!


Marks and Spencer

A rather upbeat approach to Christmas, Marks and Spencer have created another advert that encompasses the joy for all ages. From couples to families with children, this advert has something for everyone. It shows off the range of clothing, food and home decor that M&S have on offer, whilst keeping up the fun of Christmas. They’ve called it #TheArtOfChristmas and cover everything from the art of 40 winks to the art of wrapping the night before Christmas. It’s good because it’s a fun, feel-good ad… plus its uber relatable. It’s truly getting us in the spirit.


Who’s the winner?

We’ve asked the BritWeb office to vote for their favourite, and although it was not unanimous the most popular vote lies with Aldi. It’s the perfect example of a company responding quickly to their competitors whilst staying on brand. We love it!

What’s been your favourite Christmas advert of this year? Let us know on Twitter @BritWebLtd.

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