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From all of us at BritWeb, we hope you have had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Now that it’s back to business, we all need to keep up with what’s going on in the digital marketing world. We thought we’d give you a head start by uncovering some key social media trends to look out for this year:

Video takes the crown

If you know a lot about the world of marketing, you will probably be sick of the phrase ‘content is king’. It’s one of the most overused phrases in the industry, but also one that still rings true. Video content is set to take over this year and many professionals believe that it will become the marketing platform of choice.

There are many ways to share videos now; YouTube, Facebook and Vine to name a few. Brands are now even using Snapchat to rack up followers and show their audience more ‘behind the scenes’. With Facebook reaching over 8 billion video views daily and 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube per minute, you’d definitely be mistaken in thinking that video is not top dog.

Emoji analytics?


Throughout 2015, emoji’s became popular not only with consumers, but also with brands. Big brands started to use emoji’s in their tweets and email subject lines and using emoticons became another way for marketers to show their target audience their personality. Emoji’s have become a ‘slang’ in their own right; used to short-handedly express emotions and thoughts, changing the way we view posts.

Rumour has it that emoji’s may have their very own form of analytics by the end of 2016. They’re now used so much on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, the platforms are talking about recognising them in their own right and demonstrating their grand effect on marketing efforts. The use of slang is decreasing and people are using emoticons in their place. Soon, you may be able to search using emoji’s like you do hashtags, allowing you to reach younger and more specific audiences.

No new big platforms

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Over the past few years, we have welcomed many new social media platforms. To name a few, Vine, Snapchat and Periscope have taken a lot of activity. But this year, marketers aren’t predicting many new, groundbreaking platforms that will be huge. Many are saying that the popular platforms around at the moment will get bought up by big companies, and thus continue to grow. The small fish in the pond may not surface this year.

New visual search features

Pinterest logo

Currently exclusive to Pinterest, the photo-pinning giant have announced that they’re launching an image
search feature. This will allow people to click on something they like in a photo posted to pinterest, and search for items that are similar or even find the exact one.

If your brand gets a lot of engagement on Pinterest for your products, this could be a great way to increase your conversion rate. We suggest creating a ‘pin it’ button on your images to encourage users to click through. Not on Pinterest? We’d suggest exploring the channel as it could hugely benefit your brand.

Viral is no more…


Okay, so we don’t mean your content can’t go viral… but you definitely shouldn’t focus on it. 2016 is the year for putting emphasis on the engagement and opportunities of sharing content on social media, rather than ‘going viral’. Look at conversions, likes, comments and shares and how that benefits you in the long run. This will help you and your customers to understand the value of being on social media. Viral content can be great when and if it happens to you, but it shouldn’t be an aim!

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