Facebook rumours changes for 2015

It has been rumoured that Facebook will make some changes to existing features on their social platform next year. Like Twitter’s plans for 2015, it looks like they will improve the way content is used and shown on their platform as a result of the feedback they have received over the past year.

Set in stone: filtered feeds

This has been talked about a lot over the past year with Facebook and Twitter. Some of us were wondering if it will ever come around. However, Facebook put out a post in November stating they are looking to help people push content that they want to see on their feeds.

Facebook looked into the feedback that they received over the issue of newsfeeds and pulled out a few things, mostly surrounding pages and promotional content. They’ve realised that the newsfeed is a competitive place and people are getting tired of seeing content pulled from liked pages, rather than that of their friends. Facebook has been working on improving this feauture in 2014; allowing you to choose who you want to see more and less posts from.

Facebook has decided to fight back. As of January 2015, business pages will start to see the organic reach of purely promotional content significantly reduce. The platform believes this will help make the newsfeed a more engaging place for users. However, business pages will no doubt suffer from these changes and will have to re-jig budgets to make use of Facebook’s targeting/boosting tools in order to get more exposure.

On the other hand, Facebook is increasing its investment in business pages. In just October of this year, almost a billion people visited Facebook pages – because of this traffic and importance of these, the social media site is looking into ways to build more features in to make the relationship between business and customer more accessible.

Rumoured: location services

We all know that friends and family like to use the ‘check in’ feature on Facebook to show people what a great time they’re having. This is a great tool for business pages as people can check in with pictures and businesses can use these to build relationships with their customers.

It’s been rumoured that as of January, Facebook will be updating their policies on location services, which allow you to get more information on where your nearby friends are and what they’re up to (this feature is currently being tested in some locations). This means if you share where you are on Facebook in the future, the platform will push content such as menus and offers from businesses nearby, or show you who else on your friends list is in the area.

This would be a great opportunity for businesses as it would bring up information like that of Google Places but is drawn in to one social networking app.

Coming soon: convenient purchases

You may have seen a buy button appear on some adverts throughout 2014. This is because Facebook have been testing it out to fully implement next year. This button aims to help people to discover products and purchase them without leaving the platform. This makes it convenient for Facebook as users aren’t leaving the platform but it also draws all the content a user wants into one place.

Plans for the future: gathering information

Facebook usually ask to access location services when you use the app on your phone, which people think is for checking in or for adding your location to posts. However Facebook want to start collecting data from your phone such as understanding how much battery you’re running on and what your signal strength is. Why? So that they can run the app more effectively and make sure you have a smooth user experience.

It all seems very high-tech and makes sense as 66% of ad earnings came from mobile this last quarter, compared to 49% from the year before. Facebook wants to make the mobile user experience the best possible to keep getting these successes. But next will they want to access our most recent texts to tell us when our friends are online, or pull apps from our phone to show relevant ads? If you think about it that way, it starts to get a bit creepy. The content marketers dream!

We want to know what you think about these changes to Facebook. Do you think they’re better for businesses or for consumers, or both? Let us know your thoughts and what else you think should be changed in 2015 in the comments.

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