When a new feature is released such as Instagram video, everyone jumps on-board and tries to make it fit their marketing strategy. Then guess what? They jump off again when it hasn’t impressed them. The question really is, are you using it to your full advantage? Honestly, even the most simple and ‘unsexy’ brands can benefit from Instagram video.

When Instagram updated their video length limit from 15 seconds to 60 seconds long, possibilities became endless. Social media creatives can now make short films and brands can create adverts from the comfort of their iPhones. Since March of this year, we’ve seen some fabulous examples of this, just like the ones below:

#freshnewlush ????

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Nearly @jamiesfifteen graduation #Repost @davidloftus The 15 Grads @jamiesfifteen @jamieoliver

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But why should we jump on-board?

Great question. Instagram boasts 400 million monthly users, so what would persuade you to think that your content would be found? Doesn’t it require lots of effort, cost and planning?

Think about just how many videos we consume each day. It’s one of the quickest ways to get across bitesize and easily digested content out there. Social Media is all about building a community and allowing followers to feel valued rather than showered with sales. Creative content like video is a simple and fun way of doing so!

Let’s set some things straight:

  • Point and shoot: You can use an iPhone or Smartphone to take an Instagram video. With many free editing apps out there such as Hyperlapse, Boomerang, ImgPlay and more, its easier to create your own.
  • A little creativity: Whether it’s an employee filming a birthday or fun moment in the office, or an image reel of products dancing across a desk; it’s up to you how creative you get. Involving different mediums makes your Instagram feed more interesting.
  • Time: You don’t have to fill the full 60-seconds just for the sake of it. It just gives you a little lee-way.
  • Easy to upload: No separate account needed to upload, easy thumbnail selection and space for hashtags and a quick message? It couldn’t be simpler.
  • Self-promotion: Promote your products, services or fun behind-the-scenes company feel. Answer frequently asked questions or capture a colleagues creative side. Videos show live footage, not just a staged picture.


If you want to talk more about how Instagram could work for your business, video and all, get in touch with our social media team here at BritWeb. Email dan@britweb.co.uk for more details on the services we offer.

Everytime a #MangoBlackTeaLemonade and a #PeachGreenTeaLemonade cheers, a fairy gets its bubble wand. #Teavana

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