This week, the Google search engine results landscape changes forever. We’ve always been used to seeing sponsored ads filling the top 3 spaces on a Google search results page alongside a further 7 or so ads down the right hand side. But as of now, these 7 ads will no longer be visible: instead, Google are placing four adverts at the top of the listing with 3-6 additional ads at the bottom of the search page (see below).


By making this move, Google appear to be catering for a world of multi-device searches and with mobile searches overtaking desktop, it’s a logical step forward. But what does this mean for businesses running AdWords and how will things change?

What this means for AdWords

This change by Google means the importance of being seen in the top 3 or 4 places is much greater. Previously, a user could see the top few ads before having to scroll down the page to see the rest stacked down the right hand side but now, the user will only see the top 4. Anyone with adverts in a lower position will potentially start to lose impressions and traffic as users will now have to scroll to the bottom of the results to see the remaining PPC ad positions. This could also mean you start to see more notification of keywords with below minimum first page bids.

Will this affect your keyword bids?

AdWords runs on an auction basis determined by a number of factors and algorithms; one being the maximum CPC (cost per click) set for keywords. Based on these recent changes, the demand for the top four positions could mean competition pushes up the average CPC’s for certain highly competitive terms. Be sure to check your account is optimised and quality scores are as high as possible. We’d also recommend you pull a report for the past 30 days to ensure your keyword positions are not affected.

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