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A popular way to display data, infographics have been a marketing tool for many years and are hugely important to online content. Social media channels such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook have allowed for this type of graphic to gain international coverage and even become ‘viral’. With infographics being 30 times more likely to be read than pure text, using them for your own businesses online presence can only be a good idea.

Before we talk about five reasons you should get involved and make your own infographic, it’s important to remember a few things. If you’re going to create an infographic you should start with some basic research on what’s already out there in your industry, and make it interesting to your target audience so it’s something they want to engage with.

Finally,  getting a designer and content team on board will be a powerful part of this brand building exercise. The information needs to look good, read well and reflect your brand at all times.

Visual appeal

It’s a well known fact that imagery catches people attention online a lot better than a block of text. That’s because 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual – especially for visual learners. To put it simply, people want to quickly digest information online; infographics are also easy to break up and use as separate graphics on social media to promote further learning.

Easily digestible

Creating ‘snackable’ content for your readers will mean they’re more likely to stop and take notice. Infographics will often make complicated information easier to understand, helping you to break down content in a visual and chronological way. This makes the information accessible to many different people, easy to read on a daily commute and to share with friends. You can use a variety of different styles when creating an infographic, from timelines to broken up slides. Think about how your user will see your content before you start.

Hold people’s attention

Not only are images eye-catching, they’re memorable. The uses of bright colours, shapes and icons to accompany text on an infographic will help your readers to remember the message you’re conveying. A block of black and white text probably won’t do this in the same way, especially when people are busy going about their lives. The average person will spend 15 seconds on your website or a page and this should make you think: would they rather see, a long article full of text or awesome graphics?

Simplifies topics

Even if you’re using complex information, you can give a topic a new lease of life through imagery. This is bound to hold your audiences attention for longer. Depending on your audience, the majority of them may be using a mobile phone to surf the web. Infographics fit perfectly to a phone screen and can provide ideal snippets of information in an easy to read timeline. Depending on your topic and how laborious it is to follow, you can trim and play with your infographic’s layout to make it easy to follow.

Builds your brand

As mentioned above, it’s your choice how your infographic looks. It’s important to keep an element of your company’s branding in your piece and that doesn’t just mean a logo at the bottom. Subtly use your company colours and font without making it overly promotional – remember that the purpose of an infographic is to provide useful information, not to be sales focused. The great part is infographics can be approached in many different ways in terms of how they look and what information you want to use, so you can be creative and put your business across in the best light.

Want to learn more about creating infographics for your company’s social media or blog? Our team can help you to design it! Get in touch by emailing or call us on 01403 261491.

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