In an attempt to get myself blogging more frequently, I’ve decided to start a weekly (OK, it might turn out to be bi-weekly) blog with the theme ‘Five on Friday’.

Each week, I’ll highlight 5 reasons, 5 drawbacks or 5 tips to help you promote yourself and improve your online footprint. You get the idea.

To get the ball rolling, I’ll start with what got the ball rolling. Blogging! So here we go… 5 reasons why you should be blogging:


1. Website content

OK, so you’ve got a nice website, it looks great and it explains what your business can offer. But you can do more. When the industry changes, new products are released, something happens in the news that relates to your business, this needs to be explored on your site.

Blogs (or ‘Latest News’) are a great way to add additional content to your site that might not seem suitable for a permanent page.  This way, you can add the content yourself rather than wait for your developer to add a page (this might also cost you). Your site content is what stands you apart from your competitors and the more quality content you have, the more you will be heard. And don’t be scared to link to high quality resources and pages that add value and are useful to your your readers.


2. SEO

Search engines, and particularly Google, love a website with loads of content. Google also loves a website to be updated regularly. Updating your blog ensures that your site is full of lovely Google-friendly text and it’s seen as being a source of regularly updated content, which encourages the search engines to keep looking at your site and re-indexing. If your blog is full of high quality content, then this is likely to help your visibility.


3. Social sharing

As you’ll see underneath this article, blog posts usually (and should always!) feature some way to easily share them via various social media channels. Blog posts will appear on search engines, and can be topical, and once they have been consumed they will often be tweeted, liked, and shared by the reader as a useful resource.

This is great for your blog and your site – every time your post is shared your site is being promoted and links back to your site are being spread all over the internet. This will help your site’s visibility and search engine ranking.


4. Authority

Imagine you are looking for a company to install your IT system. You find a couple of local businesses websites on Google, and they both seem to offer the right services.

One of the sites has a blog that’s updated weekly with the latest technology news, viruses that have been in the news, and some opinions on the latest high profile data leak. And the other site has none of this, just a few pretty pages explaining how great they are. Who are you going to choose? A well maintained blog is a brilliant way of showing off your knowledge and how you have your finger on the pulse. If you talk more about something, you must surely know more.


5. Feedback

Most of the time, blog posts have the facility for you to leave comments, like on here. (Please be nice!) Because your blog posts can often be your mouthpiece on current events, or offerings of your own advice, they can often be challenged, supported, or even developed. Discussions can evolve, ideas can be explored.

Feedback on your posts makes your site look busy, it adds even more content (hello, Google) and it further encourages your content to be shared and seen by more people.


So there you go, 5 reasons to get on your keyboard and make blogging part of your weekly routine. The world’s leading blogging platform is WordPress, which we at BritWeb build most of our sites with – I’ll explore the benefits of this system later.

Stay tuned for next week’s Five on Friday!


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