Fin's work experience at Britweb

At BritWeb, we love the chance to foster young talent in the digital world and share our skills. So when Finlay Collins, a student from Warden Park Academy, asked if he could join our team for a week of work experience, we jumped at the opportunity. For five days, Fin worked alongside our super-talented web development team and we asked him to summarise his week with us….

My week at BritWeb

“I started with limited knowledge of web development; now, in the space of five days, I’ve learnt how to build a responsive website using WordPress and CSS.

Aveley Self-Drive already had a website built by BritWeb but it needed updating to make it responsive and much faster. As the content had already been written, it was relatively easy to create the pages and place it all via WordPress’ UI. I then used CSS to style it with some help from Codecademy to learn the basics as well as some tips and tricks.

Once I had the general style of the website sorted, I then had to make it responsive. Teamtreehouse’s beginner’s guide to responsive web-design helped me understand the fundamentals and then within a few hours (and a look at css-tricks responsive data tables tutorial) the website was designed and the styling was complete and ready to be tested on various screen sizes using Screenfly.

Finally, I used Google PageSpeed to find out if I could do anything to make the site faster. The feedback it gave me included image compression; so I used to squash them down. Aveley Self-Drive’s web-site is now finished!

As well as spending time with the web development team, I also spent a few hours helping the SEO department with an assignment of completing hundreds of 301 redirects for Southern Dental to prevent 404 (not found) errors when their new website gets published.

All in all, I really enjoyed my week at BritWeb and learnt loads – thanks again to the team for having me!

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