18th May 2022

Why You Need To Up Your Email Marketing Game In 2022

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What is email marketing and why do we need it?

Email marketing is an effective digital marketing technique in which a company sends out direct marketing communications to customers and prospects in order to retain engagement, increase sales and provide their audience with further information and promotional messages.

Email marketing has proven to be a very effective form of campaigning, it enables your company to tailor your marketing to suit different customer demographics and target them at a user level. It also provides clear, easy to understand data which allows for clarity on the performance of your campaign.

Here we discuss why this form of marketing is important, how email marketing strategies can be utilised to boost your business and promote customer loyalty, and what you can do to have an effective email marketing campaign.

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The importance of email marketing services

Cost-effective email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is very profitable and cost effective on a small marketing budget, with it costing next to nothing to send out effective marketing emails.

Considering the reach promotional emails make, and how they often ensure repeat customers, it is safe to say that email marketing can produce great traffic to your site and increase conversions.

Target people who have expressed an interest in your brand

Since GDPR, users have to opt in to an email campaign – once they have so, they’ve already bought into your brand. Therefore, you need to build a continuation of their customer journey to keep them coming back!

Focus on making it simple for people to sign up, there are a few ways of doing this. You could:

  • use a pop-up signup form on your website
  • put a link in the footer or utilise another call to actions such as form submissions
  • promote your email campaigns on social media
  • when customers make a purchase online from your shop, ask them to consent to receive promotional emails

It can be difficult to gain email subscribers, so using a lead magnet can aid you in building up your email list. A lead magnet is a marketing strategy where you offer something free in return for subscription. You can offer anything from a free ebook to a voucher or discount. This will encourage new customers to opt in. Many social media marketers use competitions to build email marketing lists as it complies with social platform guidelines and builds relevant audiences quickly.

Begin your marketing efforts with a welcome email, this is following best practices and great for introducing your business and establishing a relationship with the customers. Make sure you have an engaging subject line to lure them in!

Build relationships with prospects, leads, customers and past customers

One of the many great things about email marketing campaigns is that they can be personalised for each customer based on their interests within your brand, so speak to them directly in their inbox. Try to keep new subscribers engaged by sending targeted emails to satisfy their wants and needs. You can try different approaches and A/B testing with different content until you hit the best formula.

Furthermore, email marketing is a great way to educate your customers, use the platform to inform them on your brand and update them on new launches. Emails can be promotional, informational, or provide other services.

Services like re-engagement emails try to reconnect with inactive customers, this can be done by offering them vouchers, or simply asking them if they need to update their contact details. Successful email campaigns help to re-engage lost subscribers with your company and hopefully make them become an active customer and target audience again.

Make email campaigns easily digestible

Most people will check their emails on mobile devices, and they’re checking them all the time! People will want to digest content fast, so it is vital that you make it easy for people to understand your message. Create an email with the right subject line, at just the right time and it could be your top marketing channel.

If you frequently email clients content they aren’t interested in or you overload them with irrelevant information, then they will likely unsubscribe or make sure your emails get sent to the spam folder. So, make sure you send out the relevant content while also making it easy to read and follow without overloading customers with information.

The email subject line is also highly important as this is what will reel email contacts in to opening your email. The best way to write your subject line would be to highlight the most interesting/relevant offer, and appeal to the customer’s interests. Don’t forget to use emojis, these can help create excitement and interest.

Create automated user journeys

Have your clients signed up for your newsletter via your website? Send an automated introduction to your business. Have they abandoned their shopping cart? Send an email reminding them to purchase before an offer expires or their basket empties.

This email marketing strategy, email automation, helps convert missed opportunities into strong client relationships and increased conversions, boosting your campaign performance. Once these types of emails are set up, they run on their own and require minimal input from you, making them extremely valuable.

Create timely messages

Another content marketing strategy is timely messages. These can help work towards a successful email marketing efforts by targeting users with personal timed emails.

Sending an offer on their birthday, sending relevant updates on a product line they are interested in, or showing them items similar to those they have purchased before are all great examples of timely messages

Transparent analytics

There’s no guesswork required with email marketing, it’s easy to see your campaign’s performance, open rate, click through rate, and amount of times opened. This enables you to target people according to their past engagement with campaigns.

This means you can also see who unsubscribes to your content, so you can see which types of campaigns work and which don’t as

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