8th April 2015

Digital trends – the power of video

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With 100 million internet users watching videos everyday, we all know that we’d rather watch a well-made video than read a lump of content. But it has to be exactly that, well-made. Since Vine came around in 2012, short video has become the new way to ingest information and comedic matter. Popular social media platforms Instagram and Twitter have introduced their own video hosting, following in the footsteps of Facebook.ciL

Vine users are making viral content from their bedrooms and Facebook is quickly becoming ‘the’ place to post your video to get engagement, it seems like businesses are far behind individuals. But instead of latching on to these influential people, here are some quick tips on how your company could really benefit from the power of video.

Introduce your business

Let’s be real, not every video that you or your company creates will ever go viral. There are a lucky few that have their content go viral by accident, but there’s really no secret formula that can guarantee a viral video. What we do know is that video is booming at the moment, and will reach a lot of your target audience across your social media platforms. It’s been proven that website visitors are 64% more likely to buy an online product or service after watching a video, so why not jump onto the bandwagon?

Storytelling videos are becoming evermore popular. This doesn’t have to be a ‘ticks-all-the-boxes’ standard video describing your products and services, it can be as easy as an engaging video about the people who you employ. Producing content that makes your customers realise you’re an approachable bunch of people is sure to attract more customers.


Dove are a great example of a brand who take advantage of video. They never push a product, they focus on their message which is all about feeling beautiful.

Demonstrate new products

Using video to provide a short visual representation of how a product works or what new things your company offers is a really effective way of updating your customers. These can be low budget videos that are shared across platforms, and are really easily accessible to any company.


Oreo created a low-budget quick video on Vine to let people know they were coming out with a limited edition red velvet cookie for Valentines Day.

Made for cookie lovers, by cookie lovers. #ValentinesDay

A video posted by OREO (@oreo) on


Topshop demonstrated how their nail polishes and nail art tools can be used to create a different nail look around Halloween.

Show behind the scenes

Behind the scenes videos break down the walls between consumer and business really effectively and can be done in a number of ways. A quick video of in-office fun around someones birthday or a behind the scenes take of setting up an event will make everything seem real to the customer. It shows that you don’t just care about one thing, selling a product.

BritWeb Ltd

Not to toot our own horn but at BritWeb we like to show our customers that we keep up with industry news. Whilst you’ll find lots of pictures of cake and the like on our social media, you’ll also find some informational videos, like the one below!

Innocent Smoothies

Innocent love to post about office fun on their social media, and they have a comedic tone surrounding a lot of their posts. They integrate video to give a better visual representation of events that they have going on. Here’s a look at one of the events that they hosted for #InnocentInspires.

Live on stage at #innocentinspires: Nathan Flutebox Lee   A video posted by Innocent (@innocentsmoothies) on


Create how-to’s

How to videos are really great for brand building. Whilst this kind of video can’t be followed as a step-by-step process, it gets the customer inspired to try it out themselves.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver does this well by taking recipes from his cook books and creating short 15-second videos showing how they’re made.

We hope these great examples have given you some ideas on how your business can benefit from the power of video. If you want to keep up to date with more industry trends, make sure to check out our Twitter @BritWebLtd.

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