8th March 2016

Importance of video in your content marketing

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If you’ve not witnessed the rise in video content recently, then where have you been? It seems like everyone is jumping on board the video wagon and marketers today are spending considerably more budget on creating awesome visual content to promote their brand. It’s a huge part of most marketing strategies now and it’s certainly not a trend to be ignored. So why is video so important in your current content marketing and how can you make it work for you?

The stats

The stats don’t lie: figures show that, with over 1 billion users, YouTube is used by almost 1/3 of all people on the internet and every single day, hundreds of millions of hours worth of video is viewed. What’s more, it’s been proven that emails with the word ‘video’ in their subject line see 19% more opens compared to those that don’t. It’s pretty impressive.  According to a recent study by Social Media Today, 96% of B2B organisations are already using video as part of their online digital marketing strategy with 73% of those relishing in its positive effects on their overall marketing. Do we need to give you any more evidence that video is king?

Why is it so popular?

Consumers like to see things; to feel like they’re a part of something and to bear witness to great stuff. That’s why video is fast becoming the most popular marketing medium. Gone are the days where static brochures or a fancy slogan will do the job. Today, people are talking about the funny, sad, sometimes controversial videos that they’ve been watching and it means more brands are getting their name talked about day to day. Take John Lewis for example: who doesn’t talk about their Christmas adverts? When doesn’t John Lewis trend on Twitter after the introduction of Monty the Penguin or the Man on the Moon? By creating content that gets people talking and taps into people’s emotions, the retail brand has uncovered a surefire way of making their Christmas content go viral.

According to Psychology for Marketers, video marketing works because it builds a rapport with your audience and gives you the control to influence people’s feelings and emotions one way or another toward your brand. From influencing their decision making to their buying habits and even bluntly discouraging them from the competition, video is hugely powerful when it comes to engaging with your core customer and can truly change your relationship with them.

Video for the “non-creatives”

Video is changing the face of business and it’s no longer just reserved for the creative industries. More and more B2B brands are taking advantage of the growing trend and are creating content that places them in an exciting and engaging position that perhaps they weren’t able to establish before. Whats more, creating video content doesn’t have to be expensive; it could be as simple as using an iPhone and a free editing tool. Joe Wickes, for example, made his millions by posting 15 second long cookery videos to Instagram, each of which were filmed on his phone. He wasn’t hugely creative or unique in his storytelling, he just tapped into people’s sense of humour and their want for simple, healthy meals to cook from home. Joe now has a bestselling cookbook, another in the pipeline, and has more than 1.8million social media followers.

Big, established brands are constantly dipping their toe in the video pool and even those that are traditionally corporate are succeeding. Barclays have around 7,000 YouTube subscribers and their channel is all about delivering top tips via video such as ‘How to apply for a mortgage’ and ‘How to save money online’. Perhaps not the most exciting of videos but its evidence that even those non-creative brands can make the most of video marketing. It’s just about thinking outside of the box and producing genuinely useful, interesting content that people are searching for.


A great way to make the most of video is to team up with another brand, one that has a similar philosophy, audience and overall ethos. It can help broaden your reach, connect you with new customers and enhance your creativity. Lidl, for example, teamed up with internet giant Mumsnet to create short videos of everyday parents creating a week’s worth of meals with Lidl products. Each video welcomed over 1,000 views and offered inspiration to a huge pool of viewers whilst raising awareness of Lidl as a family friendly choice for busy mums and dads. A simple yet effective collaboration.

We can’t talk about video collaborations without mentioning the huge rise in YouTube influencers such as Zoella, Alfie Deyes and Fleur DeForce. These stars have made a name for themselves on YouTube with hugely popular review channels where they offer their honest opinion about a range of products; from beauty to food and even hotel or spa reviews. Consumer brands aren’t stupid and quickly jumped to these YouTubers by sending them freebies in exchange for a video review that’s sent out to millions worldwide. By tapping into these key digital influencers and getting them to champion your brand or your product, you could potentially expand your reach through the roof. Even the more ‘small time’ YouTubers could prove highly valuable to your marketing, and are perhaps approachable these days, particularly if you’re new to market.

What about ROI?

It’s important to remember with video content that you’re not guaranteed direct ROI: you can’t guarantee someone will see your video on YouTube or on your website and go straight out to buy your product. Video isn’t about that, it’s about brand awareness and engagement with your audience. It’s about modernising your marketing strategy and giving your audience what they want. People are nosey and so behind the scenes videos or day in the life videos always prove popular, are inexpensive to make and can really help build a positive outlook of your brand. Don’t get too hung up on the return and think more about maintaining a long lasting relationship with your customers.

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