3rd July 2013

Top Tips for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Logo

After our latest BritWeb Education course last week on LinkedIn, I thought I would share a few of my favourite tips for using the best business Social Media site!

Get the picture right!

It’s a business site, so make sure your picture is professional, clear and where possible, taken in clothing specific to your business. Be it a suit or apparel emblazoned with your company logo make sure it’s relevant and not you with your children or dog! Save these images for Facebook.

Use Keywords

Make use of the headline and summary sections. Unlike Google, LinkedIn’s internal search is not that sophisticated. Adding words you’d like to be found for if a user is searching for a specific service will help your profile show up. For example, I use SEO Sussex and Web Design Horsham in my headline as that’s what we do. Anyone searching for a person with these skills in the area on LinkedIn is likely to find my profile. Importantly, state the town. I’ve been found with the Keyword ‘Horsham’ on 20% of all searches that have led to me in the last month.

Talk to your audience

Use the Summary section to be engaging, ask questions – don’t just list what you do. Try to make potential business opportunities recognise their needs in the descriptions you offer.

Personalise ALL messages

Sending an invitation request? Asking for a recommendation? Make sure you PERSONALISE the note. Someone receiving an email from LinkedIn asking for a recommendation that mentions a specific project you worked on – or asking politely for a testimonial about a certain skill or way a particular issue was dealt with is far more likely to get a reply. Remember, you are asking someone to take time out of their busy day to recommend you. Make it easier for them to do this by leading them on what to say.

Sending someone a message about a possible business opportunity? Again, PERSONALISE it. No one wants to see a note that is obviously copied and pasted to lots of people so use their name and try to find a way of making the query sound personal to them.

For lots more tips on LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms, contact us for more details on tailored training sessions.

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