28th March 2022

Questions To Ask A Digital Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

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Hiring a fresh digital marketing agency can be beneficial for your company, however, it is important to find the right agency for you. Research is crucial before making your final decision, which is why we have compiled this list of questions to ask to ensure you find the right digital marketing agency for your business.

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Top questions to ask a prospective digital marketing agency

What are some of your previous marketing campaigns and clients?

When considering a new marketing agency’s team, it’s important to ask for information on previous clients and case studies as an example of their experience. Ask to see examples of work that relates to your current marketing needs, such as:

  • What are their main focuses?
  • What are their core values?
  • How will they help build your business
  • What will be expected of me as a client?
  • How they will work towards my goals
  • How they work as a team
  • Examples of work they have produced

Try and ask questions that are relevant to and could impact the performance of your marketing campaigns. Keeping questions relevant to your business requirements will ensure that your agency aligns with your goals.

This will help you to collect information on the agency’s results and measure success. It can also help you to determine whether or not they have enough experience in your business’ sector to produce the right results for you.

At Britweb, we have worked with businesses in all industries on a range of marketing campaigns. Take a look at some of our case studies online.

How will you work with us to implement our digital marketing strategy?

Find out who your main point of contact will be – getting an introduction to all the people working on your campaign will be beneficial in helping both parties establish a relationship before working together. While some agencies will have an account manager, others will take a different approach, it is vital that you establish who your primary point of contact will be before partnering and what their processes look like.

It is important to find out how the digital agency will work with your current team to help achieve your business goals. Ask how the new digital marketing agency will implement your SEO strategy using the information your team can provide to produce the most effective brand strategy.

Will we be sent a regular report of work?

Regular reporting provides a direct insight into the performance of the campaigns, whether that’s paid search, SEO, social media or other types of digital marketing. Receiving this will not only keep you up to date but also create a level of trust.

Enquire about how this information will be presented to you, whether it be through a spreadsheet, a dashboard or other means of providing data.

At Britweb, we provide monthly reports via data studio for all clients and these show current data and comparisons to previous periods so you can really understand the growth of your website.

What will you need from us?

It’s useful to get an insight into how involved you will be in the implementation of your businesses marketing campaign. A good agency will ensure they always get your feedback before anything goes live.

In asking for your feedback, the marketing team is able to ensure that they have reached the target audience and written content that meets your ideals. This ensures you’re targeting the right people and are working towards achieving your overall goals.

It’s also important to communicate what information you can give to boost the marketing success. Without open communication between your company and the SEO agency, you won’t be able to achieve your goals.

How regular are communications?

The best agency will offer regular meetings and communications, updating you on progress each month. Do they use any specific project management tools or marketing software in which you can check progress?

Ensure that you will receive regular contact with the agency, whether that be through in-person or online meetings, or just through regular email. It is also important that you discuss a schedule that suits your availability too, as you will need to put aside time to approve the ongoing work.

Do you hold any industry credentials?

A well-rounded agency will hold industry credentials. Working with a qualified agency as your marketing partner is beneficial as it is proof of their credibility. It’s also worth asking for examples to back up the credentials, ask when they were achieved and if they have plans to add more. Digital marketing agencies should have accreditations and checking these for any prospective agency is a wise move.

At Britweb, we are Google Partnered, members of Sussex Chamber of Commerce and Gatwick Diamond Business.

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