5th April 2016

How to know if outreach is right for you

Telephone Outreach

When it comes to digital marketing, there are so many different pools you can dip your toes into. You’ll tend to hear a lot of jargon flying around such as social media, content marketing, SEO… and outreach. Sometimes outreach is the one that’s the most overlooked and misunderstood of the lot, however it’s a very powerful technique that combines all realms of digital marketing together.

The aim of outreach is to build relationships with relevant parties, i.e. bloggers, journalists or editors, with the aim of providing them with something they want to talk about on their websites. It can, and will, benefit a lot of businesses big or small when done properly. If the four comments below sound like you, outreach may very well be the answer:

“I want to reach a specific online target audience”

Knowing what you want from outreach is a step in the right direction. If you know of a specific audience that you’d like to reach in order to further your business ventures, outreach is a great digital marketing tool. Getting articles placed on relevant websites will increase brand awareness to a wider audience and also boost your SEO. This can then lead to a number of different outcomes such as new sales, business interest and an overall bigger online presence.

“Our business has some newsworthy content”

Think your business has some newsworthy content, but not sure if it can be used or will even get picked up? Our outreach team’s job is to make a story out of your newsworthy content. Whether you’ve got a new employee that you want to shout about, offer a new service or have worked with a charity, we can find a way to turn it into a worthwhile article. We aim to place articles that provide useful information to your target audience; think how-to guides, infographics and case studies.

“We really want to boost our SEO”

Doesn’t everyone? Whilst most have an SEO team on their side, outreach is something that really completes the digital marketing circle. We recommend at least three to six months of outreach work depending on your website to see real results; here at BritWeb, we quote a personal plan for each client so this may vary. Our team use a range of top SEO tools to analyse websites for placement to make sure that a link from them will benefit your site in the eyes of Google. It’s not worth just getting a link from anywhere, that can actually damage your online profile! Effective outreach can lead to a boost in Google rankings and rise in domain authority, both of which are great for your visibility.

“We’ve got a key service that’s not performing so well”

So you’ve got a range of services and one is more popular than the rest; that happens. If you have a key service that you really want to push more, outreach is a great way of reaching the right audiences through targeting online publications.  We’ll build relationships with relevant websites before writing original content to get placed and get the word out there for you.

If any or all of these four points sound like you, outreach is definitely a good option. Get in touch with our team today  on 01403 261491 and find out how we can help you build your online presence.

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