6th October 2014

14 Top Email Marketing Tips

The cold hard truth.

Sometimes people feel that email marketing is becoming a losing battle. With so many updates coming through our inbox every day, it’s hard to know how to be that one email that gets opened.

Many businesses spend a lot of time working out why their emails aren’t reaching the targets that they’d originally set. We thought we would give you a compilation of top marketing tips, to help you towards a more effective email marketing campaign:

Don’t just email to chat.

Stop talking about subscribing to your list and only send relevant emails. No one likes a chatterbox.

Subject lines are important.

If it doesn’t draw people in then that email is a waste of time in the first place!

Don’t overthink.

If you write fast then you’ll be doing your best work. This way you’ll speak like a human and not like an automated system. You need to sound natural.

Be relatable.

People won’t read your emails if they feel like they’re being talked to by an automated machine. That’s almost as bad as cold calling.

Offer people something.

Give them something they can do after reading your email. People don’t just want information; they want to get something out of it.

Quit trying to be clever.

The whole thing could get too complicated and people may not understand what you’re trying to do.  Sometimes the simple ideas are the most effective.

Don’t be dull and selfish.

Show that you care about the person who is reading, use “you” and ask questions.

You’re missing out.

Make the reader feel like they aren’t getting something someone else is – don’t just try to sell straight away. Make it about what you can offer them and give a deadline for that.

Right people, right time.

Send your email at the right time – work out who you’re aiming the email at and when they are most likely to be looking at their phones/inbox.

Make your call to action clear.

If people don’t know why they’re reading your email they’ll most likely stop.

Avoid spammy stuff.

People will know if it isn’t natural and you’ll sound like every other salesman. It just doesn’t work how it used to.

Try A/B testing.

Send one type of email to half of your list, and another to the other. See how they react through the analytics, this way you will know what approach to take.

Keep a publishing calendar.

This way your team know what events are coming up and when to post about it. If there’s a new blog post about industry news, try to keep the whole newsletter themed around that topic. Otherwise it will get too messy.

Finally, sharing is caring.

Add social media links, so that people can share articles and news to their friends and family. This is also an easy way to know if people like your content.

We hope that this gives you some ideas into how you can freshen up your marketing plan, or even start a new one on the right foot.

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