18th April 2023

The New Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 logo with a man with a magnifying glass looking at a pie chart

With Google instigating their next gen measurement solution, GA4, they will be sunsetting Universal Analytics. We, alongside many other agencies, will be jumping on the GA4 bandwagon to harness all it can offer.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an extremely useful tool for agencies, it allows you to collect data from your clients’ websites to create reports that provide an insight into their business.

The latest instalment of Google Analytics will provide new insights that are much more in depth, and display them in a more simplified manner to enable an easily digestible report.

What’s new?

Data structure

Google Analytics 4 uses a different data structure and data collection logic. Everything will be based around users and events, GA4 will process each user interaction as a standalone event. This differs from its previous generation where the data structure was based around sessions that grouped user interactions within a given time frame. This change means that GA4 is better able to predict user behaviour, and it also allows marketers to access cross-platform analysis.

Data gaps

As it has become increasingly difficult to track users across multiple platforms, Google Analytics 4 uses its new techniques to help fill in any data gaps, making a single user journey for all data linking to the same website visitors.

GA4 has also been built to stay up to date with the changing ecosystem, as it doesn’t rely on cookies. This gives you the ability to gather metrics even with gaps in your data.


The new Google Analytics insights will be simplified, making it much easier for marketers to analyse the data. Instead of the previous long lists of data that attempt to cover every morsel of user behaviour, Google Analytics 4 displays its data in reports summary cards.

These cards make the information much more digestible and allows marketers to easily spot trends or irregularities in the data. If you wish to dive deeper into the analysis, you need only click on the scorecard to reveal a more in depth view.

Google Analytics 4

As Google sunsets Universal Analytics, we will be moving over to GA4. This should enable us to gather more information on our clients’ websites, in order to help optimise and improve their sites.

Getting GA4 setup on your website as soon as possible is extremely important, as you want to get as much historical data as possible.

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