16th August 2019

Support – What it means to have a helping hand

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At BritWeb we offer an impeccable system for our clients that is managed by a dedicated team of web support experts. Support is here to resolve your websites technical needs and make sure that everything is in working order.

At BritWeb our support service starts from only £30 + VAT a month which includes covering security checks, completing necessary patches to new software releases and maintaining a robust and secure server for your hosting.

Read more to see why you should choose us for your support and hosting.

What is support?

Support is a ticketing system that we have set up for you to send any technical difficulties that you are experiencing. It allows us to gain a real understanding of what the issue is that you’re facing and to help find the quickest and most effective way of resolving this issue.

Once your ticket has been logged, it is assigned to the best person to complete the fix who will be in touch to send you updates and reply to any correspondence so you can be in direct communication with your support team.

What is included in your support plan?

The internet and websites and constantly changing and because platforms are constantly evolving, your website will need monitoring and upgrading to ensure that it’s working at its peak potential.

Your website is likely to be built in WordPress unless otherwise stated. WordPress has at least two major releases a year along with other small upgrades. By choosing our support service, you can rest assured that we will be monitoring these changes and updates and making sure that they are in working order and compatible with your website. This ensures it is fulfilling its full potential meaning you and your customers continue to get a great user experience.

If you need any new features added or changes made to your website though, our team will be happy to help. We will always send you a full breakdown of what will be actioned to complete the work for you, the time that it will take to complete and if required, how much it will cost to implement for you.

How to contact support?

The best way to contact support is to register a support ticket. To do this, email [email protected] with details of your website, the location of the issue and details of any technical difficulties or the changes that you require, and one of our developers will be in touch within 72 hours.

By doing this we receive you query and we are able to pass it on to the most relevant expert to make sure that everything is sorted quickly for you. If you have an urgent technical difficulty though, there will be a developer at the other end of the phone Monday to Friday, there to help resolve the problems being experienced.

The BritWeb Portal

We are currently in the process of releasing our BritWeb portal that will not only help our clients view the work that is completed on their websites but will also give them access to training material, new software and security changes for the future, as well as upcoming news and offers. All of our support clients will have access to the portal, which will also be able to answer any general queries that you may have about your site.

It will contain all of the information that you need to be able to make changes to your website quickly and easily from your computer at home. So keep an eye out for the new BritWeb Portal, which will be launching soon!

Our services

If you require more information about support and what is included, please get in contact today by emailing [email protected] or calling 01403 261491.

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