Get ready for GDPR

The new GDPR legislation became a legal requirement on 25.05.18. Everyone should be concerned about GDPR, but compliance is not that painful. Put simply, GDPR is about being transparent and open about what information you retain about your customers and other visitors, and about taking responsibility for the data that you hold.

We’d like to help out by providing a sensible privacy policy that details what information you collect from your visitors and what information is shared with third parties. We’ll review your site and make sure your forms adhere to the current guidelines and if we have direct that you don’t retain information for longer than necessary.

There is a one-off fee of just £175 (including VAT) for this service.
Britweb support clients pay just £120 (including VAT)

Once the data is analysed we will create your policy. If you are an existing Britweb client we will upload this to your website on your behalf and carry out any other compliance work. If you are not an existing Britweb customer, you will be supplied with a privacy policy document and a list of tailored recommendations.

For further information on what GDPR means to you or to report a breach, visit