Last week I installed Yoast on a new build website in the office and noticed it looked completely different. After a bit of research I realised that Yoast had updated the plugin to include some new features known as version 3.0.

Snippet preview editor

The biggest change for me is the snippet preview editor. I use this religiously when writing page titles and meta descriptions for pages and posts to ensure I’m not going over the character limit. However it’s all now changed and it counts pixel width instead of characters. I found this a bit buggy to start with as it wasn’t telling me when I was going over the limit. Confused, I tweeted Yoast to be told the text should go red when you go over the limit. So after a few F5’s on the keyboard it worked.


yoast before


yoast meta description1

The meta description in the above image is within the pixel width limit. However If I go over the limit it looks like this:

yoast meta description2


Content analysis

This is actually quite useful now (wasn’t before). It has a lot more detail and is updated in real time. It includes info on the following:

  • Category description content
  • Meta descriptions
  • Page titles
  • Images
  • The content readability ‘Flesch’ score – handy
  • Outbound links
  • Sub headings and H tags
  • URLs
  • Focus keywords



Blog categories and tags

Before the update, there was no character limit information or content analysis on category and tag pages. However they are now treated the same as pages and posts which is encouraging. Users can now give a bit more love to these pages by adding custom page titles and meta descriptions, as well as adding images and links within a rich text editor. Before, you couldn’t easily add images onto these kind of pages.

Good work Yoast! *thumbs up*

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