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With 302 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets per day, it’s no wonder Twitter is evolving quicker than we can tweet 140 characters.

Last night, it was announced that Dick Costolo is calling an end to his 5 year stint as Twitter’s CEO but that’s not all that’s changed in recent weeks; Twitter has announced lots of new features and functions that not only help usability but also address the hot topic of cyber bullying. So we thought we’d give you a roundup of what that little blue bird has been up to…

Bespoke ads based on your app activity

It might seem a bit ‘Big Brother’ but we think it’s clever. Twitter can now show you ads based on the apps you’ve downloaded; and it will be known in the advertising world as ‘installed app category targeting’.

This is a golden opportunity for marketers and brands to target their adverts even more minutely. Let’s say you’re a health and fitness brand; you can now advertise on Twitter just to those users who have downloaded health and fitness apps. And there’s a category for everything; from Books and Business to Medical and Music. Any advertiser running mobile app install and engagement campaigns on Twitter will be able to target in this way and it’s a great way to get your ad in front of brand new, relevant tweeters.

Stepping up anti-troll tactics

Social media is often criticised for its role in cyber bullying; an issue that’s become more and more prominent despite a new law being introduced that means internet trolls could face up to two years in jail for cyber abuse. Whilst there’s no way for Twitter to stop trolling completely (although we wish there were), they’ve stepped up efforts to help users facing harassment by adding a new tool that means you can share a list of those accounts you’ve blocked with other users. The purpose; to spread the word about people who are known abusers and help others know who to block before the abuse has even started.

This is just another step in Twitter’s fight against cyber-hate; last December, the blocked accounts settings page was launched and rules were tightened so that accounts you’ve blocked can’t view your profile at all.

Keeping up with conversations

Ever seen a tweet, gone to have a look at the subsequent comments and conversation below and got completely lost? Us too; so Twitter’s update whereby discussions are grouped together could be a life saver.

Twitter will take a message that’s had lots of replies and highlight some of the most interesting exchanges – predominantly based on whether the original Tweeter has responded. Tweets that are part of a ‘conversation’ will be connected by a line; so you can easily see who has responded to who. At the moment, this is only available on desktop Twitter but should be ready for mobile very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Enhanced audience insights and targeting options

We could do a whole post just about Twitter’s amazing audience insights and targeting tools; the amount of ways you can target your twitter ads is amazing. With the all-new audience insights tool, you can easily find followers that are more likely to engage with your content and therefore, you can create powerful messaging that is more likely to resonate.

From marital status and occupation to what TV shows you’ve watched and where you do your weekly shop; Twitter can literally find anyone depending on your ad’s desired recipient.When you access your analytics platform and select ‘Followers’, a whole new world of information is now waiting for you. See what interests your followers share, see what carrier they’re using and see where in the world they live. This highly astute update will undoubtedly make a difference to your next campaign.

A new way to discover tweets

Although not available in the UK yet, Twitter has come up with a new way for us to see live tweets by teaming up with Google and bringing real-time content to Google’s search results.

It was launched in the US last month and the aim is to expand our likelihood of seeing tweets that are relevant to our search behaviour. For example, if you were to search Taylor Swift on Google, you’d be shown her most recent tweets in the results. You can even search hashtags to see what’s being said right now about that particular trend. This is such a new function that there’s no data yet to support whether this change is good or bad; it could affect SEO but then could be a great opportunity for successful social media marketing. We’ll keep you up to date…

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