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How many times have you looked at a website on your desktop only to check on your mobile device later and have to zoom in to read the text or navigate the menu?

That is the problem responsive design aims to fix, just look around online and you will see various websites that not only move and change as your window resizes, but reshape themselves. From desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles, websites are being visited on an increasing selection of devices.


The business case for Responsive design

You simply can’t tell how a person will be viewing your website, so it’s imperative that your site delivers the very best experience for every visitor. A site that works across all devices will inspire longer visits and dramatically increase the chances of a sale.

According to Marketing Week sales growth through mobile devices increased 304% in 2012 over the previous year. Beginning to make sense?


How do I know how people are viewing my site?

There are many ways you can check the mobile traffic to your site by using Web Analytics, many of which include specific sections where you can see what browsers and devices are being used to visit your site.

By using these web tools you can locate the areas of your site that need improving, especially when you notice people on mobile phone devices clicking immediately off your desktop site. Those lost views are lost sales and no one wants to see that.

With 52% of UK users now using a smartphone and 28% of the population making a purchase from their device it would be silly to ignore. That equates to a total of 17,539,480 people making a purchase from their mobile device.

By having a responsive website you are not only giving a better viewing experience for your customers, it also allows for improved SEO, better page ranking performance and can save you time and money.


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