Our last post about Tumblr was our 10 top tips to get you started on this fast growing and communicative platform. Today we are coming back with eight brands which utilise Tumblr really well.

Re-cap Time!

Question: what makes a good business Tumblr profile?

Answer: one that knows its users and pushes content that makes them want to engage.

If your target audience are 18-25 year olds who love DIY fashion and lifestyle content, it wouldn’t do you any good to post editorial clean photos of black and white clothing on a catwalk. They just wouldn’t be thrilled by it.

The following examples are of businesses that haven’t just re-blogged or created content that reflects what they sell, but that reflect their customers too. After all, that’s what Tumblr blogs are generally based around –  people’s thoughts and passions.


Coca Cola Tumblr

Coca-Cola are well known for how they advertise their brand. However, on Tumblr they hit the nail on the head yet again. They use their blog as a sort of journey of the coke bottle, moving its way round different people and parts of the world, with different ‘fun’ concepts.

If you think about it, Coca Cola doesn’t really have a specific audience, as people of all ages and all genders drink their product. Therefore, they really have got a great way of looking at their brand on Tumblr.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Tumblr 2

Like many other fashion brands, Urban Outfitters stick with a crisp white layout and the usual Tumblr collage styled theme. What sets them apart is the content that they are putting out. Instead of posting commercial pictures of their clothes as New Look’s Tumblr does, they blog photos of interiors and lifestyle content, as they know that most of their demographic are interested in these things outside of the shop.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street Tumblr
Sesame Street’s viewers are generally of the younger generation, but their brand awareness tends to spread wider to older generations because of how long they’ve been around for, and the fact parents will be watching over the shoulder of their kids. The TV programme has created a entertaining space for all ages on their Tumblr, with the signature green and yellow theme and funny GIFs and selfies of the characters.


Target Tumblr
Target Tumblr 2
Target is an American supermarket that sells groceries, furniture, clothes, beauty products and so on. Their Tumblr page is based around “Target Style” however, just focusing on the fashion side of their products. They have targeted (oh the puns) the fashion side as they know this has a big following on Tumblr anyway. Thus they tend to reblog photos from fashion bloggers who have worn their clothing and mix this in with commercial and seasonal content that they have created – of course keeping it fun.

The Standard

The Standard Hotel
The Standard are a hotel company across parts of the US, such as Miami, Hollywood and Downtown LA. Instead of posting luxury pictures of their hotel that you’d be able to find on their website, they post content of events and places around their hotels, such as maps of places to visit. This really gives a more relatable feel to their brand, and allows them to offer something rather than shameless brand promotion.


Adidas Tumblr
Adidas have put a lot of time and effort into their Tumblr page, creating an interactive blog. They recognise the sports luxe fashion side of their brand, which they show through the content that they produce. People put their trust into Adidas as an established brand, and they recognise this by not just posting photos of their clothing, but of the history behind the brand too.


Dennys Tumblr
We mentioned Denny’s in our last post, with their funny GIFs and crazy ways of promoting their brand. They understand that their customers are young and looking for something new, but all mutually love food… so that’s what they’ve focused on. Their Tumblr has caught a lot of attention as it’s a ‘different’ and slightly risky way of marketing a food chain… but it works.

Comedy Central

Comedy Central tumblr
Comedy Central keep the synergy with their Tumblr blog and aren’t afraid to keep up their controversial humour, which of course sits well with Tumblr users in general. They collaborate the comedic GIFs from the shows they air and their other social platforms on their blog page, to create a cumulative page of what their viewers love.

These branded Tumblr blogs certainly give you a lot to think about in terms of what route you’re going to go down with your Tumblr. Let us know what you’ve taken away from it in the comments below, or on our Twitter @BritWebLtd.

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