In SEO, you need to constantly monitor a site’s performance and be able to analyse the results in order to move forward and surpass client’s expectations. This is why it’s valuable to assess the tools in the industry and always keep an eye out for anything new on scene that can add insight and efficiency.

Here’s a brief guide to our current top picks for SEO tools, which we believe make a real difference to any campaign:


Main use: Site health monitoring

Set-up in 2011, Ahrefs lets you add any number of websites to a user friendly dashboard and then data mines each to present you with the top information you need to judge how a site is performing. It has it’s own ‘domain health’ percentage split into critical and non-critical issues, ideal for prioritising first actions.

A top feature is the way it lets you view inbound links where you can organise them based on the quality of the domain, so how much that link will be valued by Google. If you see anything that could cause negative results for your site, Ahrefs will add and format it into your disavow file, saving you going from format to format.

MOZ Open Site Explorer

Main use: Backlink Analysis

Open Site Explorer is the bread and butter for most SEOs, and with good reason. Founded by digital marketing celebrity Rand Fishkin, it’s been in use since 2008 and it’s own MOZtrust ranking of websites is very reliable. For any site you’re interested in – a client or a competitor – you’re given access to a range of metrics from social stats to new and lost links.

It’s best use is to pull backlink reports to further analyse in Excel or Google Sheets. This process then has three main workflows. The first is judging the quality of a site’s backlink profile, the second is taking steps to remove ‘bad links’ that are spam, and the third is finding opportunities from your relevant competitors’ links to improve your own site’s authority. With this in mind, you can see why it’s useful to have a tool you can trust and which has a good interface!

Vuelio (formerly Cision)

Main use: Outreach contacts

Within the same parent company as Gorkana, Vuelio is a communication tool that holds the details of top journalists and publications, allowing you to search its database by typing in keywords like “lifestyle” and locations such as “London”. In this way, you can build out lists of editors and outlets you want to contact for outreach opportunities.

A useful feature is the way it lets you save your lists for future reference and how if you send communication through the tool, it also lets you know if your message has been received. In short, it’s great for organising projects and adds efficiency to the process of obtaining contact details.


Main use: Finding a niche

You can’t be in SEO without being engaged with social media, especially when it comes to Twitter. As a constantly updated medium with over 307 million monthly active users as of 2015, it’s a fantastic place to find core influencers in your industry and connect with a niche (great selling potential). Seeing as it can be a daunting place to start, Followerwonk makes it more accessible by allowing you to search for the right people and organises their influence so you can make a start on your communication plan.

To begin, a search bar lets you find relevant users through their search bios and then compares different accounts, in a similar way the Open Site Explorer does for websites. The analyse section then breaks this down by location, who they follow and even let’s you see how your account compares within the industry. The main result if you’re more atune with your market and can make more informed decisions for the websites you manage.


SERP’s UP is a great looking tool that’s essentially a modern version of the ever-popular SEOMOFO. It allows you to preview your titles and metas in the search engine format, complete with character count so you can edit before uploading into a CMS. A handy free tool that’s worthy of being bookmarked!

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