There are three types of marketers in this world: the traditional, the modern and the innovative

With so many aspects to digital marketing, it’s difficult to know which angle to take when thinking about promoting your business. You have to take your target audience’s interests, the products / services you are advertising and the way you want to come across into consideration. To help you decide the best course of action, we’re going to break it down for you…

Traditional Marketing

This method of digital marketing isn’t all bad, but only depending on the audience you’re aiming at and how you go about it. For example, the days of brochure-style websites with no interactive aspects are well and truly over. It’s not just about how the website looks either, but how the user can really use it.

Most traditional marketing methods also revolve around newspaper column layouts or small size ads. These should be cast-off when writing short blog posts or posting simple images to social sites, as today’s consumers prefer quick and easily digested information.

Modern Marketing

Oh the world of the modern marketer. These guys are synchronising websites across devices for optimum usability, creating content that really speaks to its audience and are constantly hot on the heels of the next best thing. Modern marketers will have something on every platform, with bright colours and minimalistic designs flying about everywhere.

Modern marketing is all about keeping up with the trends and using them to your advantage. Think about who your audience love to talk about and where they like to get their information from. A blog? Write one. An app? Make one.

What differentiates traditional marketing from modern is that modernists connect to their audience in places the people want, not where they want.

Innovative Marketing

Marketing is becoming more of a strategic game to make people think that you aren’t really selling them something. “Well that just sounds like a huge waste of time!” I hear you cry. The modern day consumers are catching on to marketing techniques quicker and quicker, meaning the innovative marketers are the ones who fly.

From the way they talk to their audience to the graphics they create, everything is cutting edge. Most likely they aren’t afraid to poke a little fun at themselves as this is what really connects the audience. It isn’t all about “Do you want a high tech blah-de-blah? Then come to us!” anymore. It’s about talking to your customers as if they were your friend.

Take American brand Denny’s for example. They create GIF’s and story posts on their Tumblr to really draw attention to the humour of the younger generation. Even the CIA created a friendly tone with their first tweet. Humour really works.

CIA First Tweet

What we think

Every business has their way of marketing. Yes, the innovative marketer is very successful, but it just wouldn’t work for every brand. Plus if every business was making GIF’s, this technique would quickly disappear. It’s about finding your edge, looking at the trends and fitting them into your business.

We want to know what you think; did we miss any type of marketer out? Which type do you think is the most successful? Let us know in the comments.


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