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This is the number of internet users who watch online videos each day. Whether they are watching funny cat videos, a cute baby giggling or tutorials, there are 100 million people online searching for videos each day. If you aren’t using online video content for your business, you could be missing 100 million people. So should you be using Vine for your business I hear you ask? Yes, you should.

For those of you that don’t know what Vine is…

Vine is a video sharing social network which allows users to record and edit six-second long videos. They can then be published to Vine’s social network feed where others can browse through and watch videos posted by other users. The videos automatically loop and people can like, share and re-Vine videos that they enjoy.

The shortness of the clips can inspire creativity plus they are more likely to be shared and watched. In addition, the fact that the video is on an automatic loop means it is likely to be seen more than once before the user moves on.

If you are unsure whether to use Vine for your business, remember the three E’s:

Educate – Demonstrate something or convey useful information. “How to” content is extremely popular online. Don’t forget you only have six seconds so keep it simple and be creative.

Engage – Engagement is the key with all social media. Vine allows you to reach out to customers and involve them. Whether you’re using Vine to announce a competition or publishing shareable video content with a hashtag, the more engagement the better.

Entertain – Always try and entertain your audience. If a video isn’t entertaining, no one will watch it. Vine is an opportunity to be a bit quirky but be careful not to compromise your brand values.

Besides the three E’s, Vine also lets you show your products in action, build relationships and promote yourself and your brand. Waste no more time – go and download it on your smartphone now and start filming.

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