Your business website is more than just a virtual shop window. It’s a powerful marketing tool, sales platform, customer service department and news channel. With so many different roles to perform, your online presence needs to be carefully curated to keep customers from clicking away. However, have you given your copy the same careful consideration as your design?

It’s true that most readers skim a website rather than meticulously read every word. However, it is your words that will transform visits into sales. To win over customers, you must avoid these three copywriting sins.


Vanity copy is when the text is all about you and not your customers. To demonstrate why this is a sin, let me introduce you to two bankers.


Many websites are like the banker on the left. Full of pages shouting about how wonderful they are, they don’t put the needs of customers first. The banker on the right is much more appealing as he offers a solution, not a self-obsessed statement.


Have you ever looked at a successful competitor and thought: “I want my business to be like them”? This is a bad idea when designing your website and even worse when you’re writing the copy. You want your business to stand out in your industry, not become part of the crowd. Using the same phrases and buzzwords is dull and won’t dazzle potential clients.

Even worse than stealing phrases is copying large chunks of text. Not only does this harm your reputation, it could harm your SEO. Google doesn’t like duplicate content – if the same text is found on multiple sites, it’ll ignore all the pages except the one it deems most relevant. By putting in the effort and creating unique copy, you’re helping to boost your rankings as well engaging readers.


Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone and crafting compelling copy for the web ain’t easy. Not only do you need to include relevant keywords for Google, you need to keep real people in mind too. However, 50 words won’t cut it for your website.

If you’re struggling to produce a lengthy description about your business, remember the vanity sin. Instead of focussing on what you do, consider your target market and put yourself in their shoes. What problems do they need solving and how can your business help? By taking this approach, you’ll soon find the words pouring out onto the page.


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  1. Three great tips. The vanity copy is probably the most common mistake that businesses make as they forget that the reader is asking what’s in it for them. Rarely will anyone care how old the business is or where the offices once stood – the most important thing readers look for is how the product or service will improve their life.

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