With Christmas fast approaching, marketers everywhere are preparing themselves for the festive season. Whilst they may not be grabbing baubles for their tree, they’re certainly thinking about social media platforms and what consumers want to see. When the John Lewis Christmas Ad and the Coca Cola trucks start appearing, I’m afraid it’s too late to start brainstorming Christmas ideas.

It’s really never too early to begin planning for the most wonderful time of the year. Here is some food for thought to get you started.

Stop right there!

Before you start planning, sit down with a cup of coffee and your team and really think about what you can do to get consumers buzzing. You certainly need to have a good think about the following things…

  • What platforms are you going to use?

This one is important, as you can’t just advertise on your website and expect people to know about it. Think about capacity. Will you stick to social media or extend to email marketing?

  • When will you begin to implement your plan?

Make sure you start promoting new products and offers early if you’re thinking about getting them out for Christmas. Think about how far you are going to go in this direction.

  • Do you know what your consumers want?

Many marketers recommend running a survey for your customers on what they would like to see this Christmas. You can do this subtly or in their face, but either way it’s a useful strategy. If you don’t want to use this tactic, look at the most popular content on your platforms and build your structure around this.

  • What angle will you go for?

Will you aim for gooey Christmas magic or jolly festive-ness? Make sure your whole marketing team are on board with this by creating a marketing plan that includes notes on tone of voice. It would be best if your Christmas marketing doesn’t stray too much from the tone of your existing platforms.

Your website

What changes are you going to make to your website this Christmas? Remember that sometimes the most effective are the simple ones.

You need to make sure that you are making it clear what your offers are on your homepage, whether it’s free delivery or a competition. If you integrate this into your website’s existing structure, it will keep it even more user friendly.

If you are going to create content for your Christmas marketing that is new, make sure that your customers will use it, and that it is useful. A good example is from Uncommon Goods last year where they created an animated GIF that showed you when your order would arrive.

Uncommon Good 2013 Christmas Marketing

Social Media

Utilise Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. to your advantage! Advertise your free delivery promotion or extended returns, create competitions or post festive pictures of your products. This will get your followers involved in your marketing scheme, making it all the better.

The main thing is not to completely bombard people with Christmassy content. Of course, big up the season, but integrate it into the content that your followers already enjoy so that they don’t skip over what you’ve worked so hard on!

A good example of social incorporation to Christmas marketing is “Costa’s Christmas Giveaway” where Facebook fans won a number of prizes through their own advent calendar by capturing details.

Costa 2013 Christmas Marketing

Email Marketing

If you’d like to extend your marketing plan to email marketing, again make sure that it is about something useful. Many different companies will be filling up consumers mailboxes, and your click-through rate won’t be high if the content isn’t interesting to them. Think about:

  • The subject line is very important. Make it thought-provoking otherwise no one will click on your email in the first place.
  • Content… what will you use? Links/Info graphics/GIF’s/Competitions are all popular for email marketing, so use those for your benefit.
  • Call to action – if you’ve got as far as having someone read your email; why not ask them to do something? But do this subtly and make it relatable rather than sales focussed.
  • What YOU are going to get out of email marketing? Will you focus on customer data, building up trust with your emails, gaining new visitors to different platforms?

The example of Coupons email marketing below shows how a simple idea can be very effective.

Coupons 2013 Christmas Marketing

Follow these guidelines and your ideas will start flowing in no time!

Let us know if you found this helpful below.

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