PESTLE Analysis Thinking

No business exists in isolation; otherwise it wouldn’t be a business. There are many external factors that will impact your company. Grouped together, these are often referred to as the macro-environment. The main reason for keeping track of changes in the macro-environment is to be aware of how changes in social behaviour, new laws and technological innovation can create opportunities or cause problems.

Numerous factors determine and effect the environment of an organisation. To help you achieve optimum performance, these need to be analysed and understood. One of the most popular and effective ways of categorising these factors is under the following headings:







These factors are all part of the macro-environment of an organisation, the part of the environment that the company operating has very little or no control over.

When applying this mnemonic to digital marketing, the most important task is to carry out a thorough assessment of the forces that are shaping the online marketing environment.

Technological forces

Changes in technology are extremely rapid so this is one of the most important forces to keep track of when it comes to digital marketing. New ways of communicating with the target market, new platforms and applications and new product development opportunities are all things to consider when looking at the technological forces.

Economic forces

Consumer spending, economic conditions and business performance all have significant implications when planning your digital marketing.

Legal forces

This is the way products can be promoted and sold online, laws and ethical guidelines of customer information and online trading. They’re all things that need to be considered.

Social forces

The cultural diversity among digital communities, what is most popular and trends all come under the ‘social’ banner.

Want to get serious about digital marketing? Then go through each of these points, and apply them to your business to see how they could take affect. When you carry out analysis effectively you’ll have a far better understanding of your market, your position within it and even a clear path forward. Ultimately, your business will survive and grow.

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