A whole bunch of stuff has been going down recently in the world of social media. What with a famous teenager deleting her Instagram to Twitter getting rid of stars, you would think the world is going mad. Here’s what’s been happening in the last few months:

Twitter swapped to hearts, and people are mad…

On Tuesday the 3rd of November, we said goodbye to the favourite stars on Twitter forever. Well, not really forever, because someone’s already created a Chrome extension that lets you use them… but we’ll get to that later. The internet – as expected – freaked out about the new hearts Twitter calls ‘Favourites’.

Twitter stars twt 1

Twitter stars twt 3


Twitter stars twt 4


Wipe away those tears, it’s all going to be okay. A creator called Reed Kavner decided to make a Chrome extension that brings back the stars. Lifesaver. 

Twitter stars twt 5


‘Insta-famous’ Teen deletes her Social Media

A 19-year-old Australian girl has truly broken the internet with this one. The rise of ‘Insta-famous’ people has been very prevalent in recent months, but when this young teen decided to go against her job, people were at first very happy, and then very confused.

Essena O’Neill, like many other bloggers and Instagram-ers, got paid to post photos of herself in clothing from various different sports and fashion brands. She made a living from photos and YouTube videos, as many innovative young people now are.

BUT O’Neill decided one day to change all of her Instagram captions to slate her job, saying the life she portrayed on social media is fake. The general gist of it is that she found that she was constantly worried about her image, and was making other people jealous of an lifestyle that wasn’t real.

Essena O'Neill

Essena then deleted all of her social media presence, but recently took to her website in an appeal for money. It seems after slating and deleting her income, she is now in a bit of a financial situation. She’s looking to promote plant-based lifestyles and demote celebrity culture with the help of others.

Our thoughts? We get what she’s saying; social media can very easily be misunderstood… but it’s also a very powerful tool with lots of different groups of interests. What she highlighted is only one part.

Facebook makes plans for an AI takeover called ‘M’

Facebook M

Facebook announced this month that they’re looking to create an artificial brain – which they’re hoping will turn into a virtual personal assistant that can sort through millions of photos and posts posted by users of Facebook.

This AI will be called ‘M’ after James Bond’s Moneypenny, and will be able to answer questions to help you find things, book reservations and order food and gifts and more. It’s said to learn from human behaviours, which is different from current tools Siri and Cortana – which use artificial intelligence.

LinkedIn are switching up their style


LinkedIn revealed last month that they’re having a bit of a re-vamp. This includes updates to their groups tool, as well as an update to its Recruiter HR tool in the form of a new feature called ‘Referrals’.


All group admins were sent an email notifying them of coming changes, including the fact that all groups are going to be made private. Group admins will now have to choose between having a listed (standard) and unlisted group.

  • Standard – members can invite their LinkedIn connections and approve requests to join. LinkedIn are hoping that this will encourage people to use groups to have conversations with people they trust, in the right kind of industries, on a beautiful interface. They are, in short, trying to get people to start up conversations.
  • Unlisted – These types of groups won’t appear in LinkedIn’s directory of groups, which means only the group owners and managers can invite and approve new members. This means group members will feel more secure.


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