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My name is Megan Kent and I started my digital marketing apprenticeship at BritWeb in September. Alongside working here four days a week, I am studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business at DV8 College in Brighton. Since joining BritWeb, my knowledge and skills have improved vastly and I continue to enjoy learning new and exciting things daily. At college I have learnt about brand voice, how to correctly represent a business through the use of social media, risk management and dealing with customer complaints efficiently. I have also learnt how to use software and tools such as Hootsuite and SproutSocial to monitor various social media accounts at one time.

The importance of social media

Brands should create content that people will love and share. By doing so, they will gain loyal followers and make their content more valuable. Some companies don’t realise the importance of social media and how, if used effectively, it can improve brand awareness and lead to more sales. There are more platforms than just Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ are all important areas of the web to have a presence on. However, each one suits a different target audience so some will work better for your businesses than others.

Social media offers to the audience a bridge between the first contact and the conversion by delivering content and useful information. The larger the purchase, the more inclined people are to do some in-depth research, look into brand reputation and turn to their peers for opinions. In a world where there are 2.7 billion internet users, your content must be spectacular to be successful or else it will get lost in a sea of mediocre articles.

Tips I’ve learnt so far for businesses

Don’t be afraid to re-post content multiple times but remember to word it differently so not to look too repetitive and automated. Some companies have found this to work surprisingly well. Here are three reasons why it may not be such a bad idea:

  • It may drive more traffic to the post than the initial share
  • You can then make sure you hit multiple time zones
  • You may have more/different followers than you did the first time you posted the content, so the content would reach a new audience and they’ll get value out of it.

Be creative – don’t get hung up on being too serious. Experiment with new ways of telling your stories, and see what works. Include photos, audio clips or videos as these can gain more interest in your posts. Try different things and record what was successful and what wasn’t so you know where to improve.

Look at your competitors social media accounts and analyse what they’re doing well. Don’t copy them but see what is working for them and take note.
 Every social media platform is different. Therefore, some are better than others depending on the business. Alter your content to suit different platforms and audiences and engage with the people following you on each channel.

Make sure the content you’re sharing can be viewed on a mobile device. Brands need to make the most of this valuable channel and ensure that their content is optimised for mobile. A Socialbakers study has shown that an amazing 66% user generated tweets mentioning brands are now executed through mobile devices.

Lastly, to succeed at social media, post content that people will love and therefore want to share.

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