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We track analytics to show our client’s how the work we are doing is benefiting them.

Want to know how the work we are doing is benefiting your business? As part of our set up work, we install Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools on each of our client’s website so we can track important data and provide monthly tailored reports.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a data tracking tool that allows us to measure a website’s data in a number of ways.

  • Track number of visits for specified periods and compare against previous period – how much has traffic increased compared to previous month or year?
  • View what traffic source visits are coming from which allows us to track non paid organic search, paid search, referring websites, direct traffic and more – how many visits has the site had some organic SEO visits compared to PPC visits?
  • Analyse the engagement statistics of the different traffic sources – how long are visitors staying on site? What is the bounce rate of certain landing pages?
  • Set up Goals to track when certain actions are completed on a website – are visitors converting? What is the goal conversion rate?
  • Set up Funnels to track visitor’s movements through shopping check outs – when are most people leaving the check out system?


There are plenty more activities we can measure on Google Analytics, the above are just a sample. But by tracking this data we can measure progress and identify areas of improvement.


Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

Google Webmasters is another useful tool that allows us to see what’s going on with a website. We can:

  • Monitor a website’s health by tracking crawl errors and statistics, blocked URL’s, index status and malware
  • View a website’s traffic in terms of search queries, links to your site and internal links
  • Add sitemaps, view suggested HTML improvements, analyse content keywords and much more.


GWT notifies users of any website errors to allow webmasters to fix issues before they cause any major damage which is why it’s so important.

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