As we had recently been through a period of growth and evolution here at BritWeb,  we recognised that it was time not only for a new website, but also an updated logo and visual brand.

The old logo

The name was staying, and also the main 3 focus of business – design, SEO and social media –  so the idea was a for something new, but we didn’t want to steer in a completely new direction visually.

As we have been around for a good 8 years and built up a strong local reputation, we have a fair amount of brand recognition in Horsham, so we needed to be instantly recognisable as BritWeb, but with some noticeable evolution, most importantly losing the 70s style font in favour of something a little… less 1970s.

Britain is Great

One immediately apparent factor that we needed to make more of was the ‘Brit’.  Thanks to the recent Royal wedding, the Jubilee and the Olympics, being, looking and feeling British is pretty cool at the moment, and the great British ethics of hard work and achievement shown by our athletes was something we take inspiration from, so we wanted to express this visually.

A few logo ideas…

So we had the obvious Union Jack flag and pattern to utilise, but I had also identified the target symbol.

Targeting the right message

This is used as the RAF logo and has become a ‘mod’ culture symbol, both great British institutions that I was drawn to.

The target also represents SEO and search, finding what you are looking for – and is generally a marketing symbol for targeting your audience. All great stuff.

After playing with a few ideas, I did a bit of Googling and found that the RAF had tried to register the icon and stop various brands using this target, so to avoid any potential problems in the future using this in our logo was out of the question.

Anyone for bread?

But we could still use it other areas. It’s recognised as being British and has the right messages, so I wanted to use it somewhere in our branding – patterns, bullets points, icons etc.

We decided to split the ‘Brit’ and ‘Web’ into different colours, serving to highlight the words as separate.

The finished article

I produced several variations utilising the Union Jack, varieties along other British themes, some uses of the target, and eventually after a few group discussions, we had our new logo. Not too far away from the previous version, but more modern and with the added British element.

Let us know what you think!



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  1. It’s good to see how the process evolves, all the elements considered, dismissed and eventually pushed forward. Picked the right one too.

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