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Upwards bar graphIn a world where digital marketing plays a major part in the success of any business, your business needs to have a presence where your customers are searching for your services, Google….

Google PPC, AdWords or Pay Per Click advertising gives you the control and the ability to reach out to your future clients, if you are struggling to gain momentum in the Google Organic listings or just starting out, you can have your business showing in the search results in a matter of hours.

This is not for the faint hearted, a lot of thought needs to go into your strategy, keywords and account structure, you could see your hard earned cash disappearing quite quickly if not set up correctly, this is where BritWeb can help, we offer a number of services from account audits, setup and implementation through to the full management of your account.

The success of any type of paid advertising can be determined by a number of things, but ultimately it needs to generate a positive ROI for you and your business, speak to us about the solutions we can offer.


How does PPC work?

Google will charge you a cost per click every time your advert is clicked or your business is contacted from the trackable number in the call extension, the price of the click is determined by a number of factors in the Google advertising auction algorithm. During the setup of the account you should set a maximum CPC per keyword you promote, this initial CPC will determine the position your advert appears within the 10 positions available on each page of the Google results pages, you can raise and lower this CPC at any time to influence your position and visibility.

There are a number of ways we can influence and potentially help lower the average cost per click through the optimisation of the account, and the quality of the website landing environment, these are things we would discuss with you in a meeting.

Call us today to find out more on how we can get your business more visible on Google.

Different types of Google advertising

  • Keyword based search advertising
  • Content and display advertising
  • Google Shopping
  • Remarketing


Is PPC right for my business?

Pay per click advertising is suitable for any type of business big or small, as long as there is a demand for your services, we would suggest you have a minimum of at least £300 per month put aside for this plus a budget for the account management if you are not going to run this in house.


My PPC isn’t delivering results

Tried PPC before but failed? let us take a look at your account, we can audit your account and come up with suggestions fixes and best practices solutions to give you the conindence to try again, sometimes its not always the AdWords account that is at fault, perhaps your website needs attention to convert the traffic the Adwords is generating.

Ask us about our 3 month proof of concept agreement.

Why choose Google PPC advertising

  • You control the budget
  • Show ads locally, nationally or internationally
  • Only show for specific keywords you want
  • Set times your ads show
  • Boost traffic to your site
  • Increase your presence online
  • Remarket to potential customers
  • Measurable reporting
  • Links in with google Analytics reporting and goal tracking


Our approach …..

Haven’t got time to run your AdWords account, then let us run it for you from as little a £75 per month we could be managing your Adwords advertising, to give you time to do what your are good at running a successful business. We will offer a 3 month proof of concept phase, before going onto a monthly rolling contract with a 30 day notice period.

Find out how BritWeb can help you grow your business with Google Pay per click advertising, call us now on 01403 261491.