Pinterest Pinterestis one of the busiest social sites on the web. What started as a simple online pin-board to share craft ideas has become one of the fastest growing websites in history. As of February 2013, Pinterest had over 20 million active users, each spending at least 90 hours a month on the site.

As a business, you can use Pinterest in a variety of ways:

  • Promote products
  • Learn more about your customers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to your website


However, pinning your way to success doesn’t stop at filling your boards with eye-catching images (although that’s a good place to start). Make sure every pin you create is promoting your business properly by doing the following:

1. Link pins of your products back to your site

It sounds obvious but a pin won’t drive traffic to your website without a link. If you’ve pinned the image directly from your site, you don’t need to worry. Otherwise, click ‘edit pin’ to add one.


2. Write short and snappy descriptions

Pins with detailed descriptions are more appealing than those without – plus anyone repining is less inclined to write a new description if the information is already there. For that reason, try to include the name of your business too.


3. Use hashtags

Just like Twitter, Pinterest uses hashtags to create searchable terms. When you’re writing a description, include a few to help people find your pins. Be specific though – #artisanbread is much better than #food.

With the recent arrival of verified business accounts and analytics tools, Pinterest is an increasingly important marketing platform. Include it in your social media campaign and reach more people. Happy pinning!


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