It’s official; Summer is here. We’ve said hello to June (already?!), the sun has finally got his hat on and the beer gardens await. As we bid May goodbye, we thought it was a good time to reflect on our favourite social media activity from the month that was. Here’s our top four:

Welcome to the world Princess Charlotte!

In typical British fashion, the UK went into royal baby overdrive with the arrival of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Whilst our favourite monarchs revelled in their bundle of joy, some of our best-loved brands jumped on the bandwagon and took advantage of this rather special event on their respective social platforms:













































Domino’s awesome order system

Last month, Domino’s Pizza announced the rollout of their new ‘easy pizza’ Twitter ordering system; all you have to do is tweet a pizza emoji and #EasyOrder to @Dominos and away you go. You’ll then get a DM to confirm your order and before you know it, that Meat Feast will be on your doorstep.  After your first order, you don’t even have to type in a pizza choice once the Domino’s Pizza Profile has been completed which is then linked to your Twitter account.

The campaign was launched on 28th May and since, the hashtag #EasyOrder has been used 708 times; that’s an average of 89 times per day. But warning; this campaign could prove dangerous after a few drinks down the pub….


Coca Cola’s Choose to Smile

Coca Cola are all about joy this summer with their brand new #choosehappiness campaign that has already proven a YouTube hit. One video in particular, that’s already had over 7 million views in just three weeks, reminds us to smile more and that we should all ‘choose life with a smile’. It’s simple; it’s effective and it’s got nothing to do with drinking Coca Cola. But that’s why it works. This brand consistently hits the nail on the head with their clever marketing that breaks the paradigm and pushes their own brand boundaries. And the fact that the video is full of smiling, giggling babies certainly doesn’t hurt…


Using the ‘normal’ woman in an advert is not a new concept (who remembers Dove’s 2004 Real Beauty campaign?) But something about the #ThisGirlCan campaign has stirred something in us Brits and so far, the YouTube channel has over 17,000 subscribers with the title video boasting an impress 8.2 million views. It’s not just social media where the campaign has hit the nail on the head; the website features an interactive social wall where tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram shots and vines are automatically pulled in from those using #ThisGirlCan so that users can be inspired at every turn. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s a fantastic campaign that inspires women of every age, size and stage in their life to love their flaws and live life to the full. What’s not to love?


Boxfit UK’s Knockout launch

We admit; as one of our much-loved clients, we’re biased. But Boxfit UK’s latest collection caused a real buzz on Facebook at the end of May and it was a simple concept. The boxing giants took to their Facebook to announce the launch of their brand new, exclusive and limited edition Everlast Pro NY range and the reaction was fantastic; over 5,900 people were reached and over 200 engagements were generated in just a matter of hours. This unassuming post that also boasted an exclusive discount code was a knockout with the fans and is definitely one of our favourite posts in the past few weeks.


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