Having bid farewell to my previous event marketing role in the city (bye bye commuting!) I couldn’t wait to get started with the Social and Content team at BritWeb; and I wasn’t disappointed. Who knew a first week could be so exhilarating, exhausting and eye-opening all at the same time? Here’s a few things I’ve learnt in my first week at BritWeb:

In-house vs agency:

I have always worked for in-house marketing teams in the past with a primary focus on promoting and marketing just one product. Working for a multi-client agency offers a completely different way of working with a varied client list covering a range of industries and a kaleidoscope of objectives. My first two days were filled with researching and getting to know each client we deal with and it certainly enforced the diversity of agency life. Already, the atmosphere feels more fast-paced and exciting and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Organisation is key:

I have never seen so many spreadsheets, rotas and planners but they are certainly going to be a life-saver! Working on a lot of different projects and campaigns at once requires militant organisation and I can already see myself surrounded by countless to-do lists and colour coordinated post-it notes. Managing time has also proven to be an excellent skill to have in this role; working with multiple clients and campaigns means strict time management is essential to ensure every project is treated fairly and according to the agreed plan.

Sprout Social is awesome:

I’ve always been a Hootsuite-girl through and through; until Becky introduced me to Sprout Social which is one of the best social media tools I’ve ever used. It’s completely user-friendly and very simple to use with the ability to seamlessly switch between multiple accounts to monitor engagement, demographics, reach etc. If you’ve not already converted, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re after a handy tool for managing your online social platforms.

Apparently, Daniel makes very good cakes…

Although I’m yet to try one, his reputation of chief baker in the BritWeb office is flawless. Just so you know Daniel, my favourite is Chocolate Fudge…


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