“Hey I have a question, what’s the best time to post on social media?”

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in the marketing world, and there are many different guides out there which attempt to answer it. But honestly, the statsĀ are constantly changing depending on your market and target audience, and the algorithms of that platform you’re using.

It can’t really be 100% guaranteed that if you follow these guides you’ll get amazing engagement on all content. BUT we can realistically pinpoint what kind of content will perform best, and when, from intensive research.

I recently came across this infographic by NewsCred that does exactly that, and thought it would be great to share with the BritWeb blog readers.

Key Points:

  • Lists and why-posts are consistent forms of high performing content from month-to-month.
  • Certain posts perform better for specific industries, such as how-to articles for news and business.
  • What-posts are risky content unless about a relevant and popular topic.



Infographic by NewsCred.

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