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When blogging, do you ever feel like you are talking to yourself, wondering if anyone is actually reading your posts? Without a blog promotion plan in place, it can be difficult to gain interest.

Patience is key

Most writers aim to grow their blog and reach a large audience. However, new bloggers don’t know much about promotion. The key when starting is to be patient and accept the fact your blog isn’t going to become successful overnight. It can take months before it gains enough trust from search engines to attract any significant flow of traffic. Therefore, building a resource of well-written articles that is also SEO friendly is very important to maximise your audience. Don’t get downhearted if it’s taking longer than you thought; persist with it because the benefits of a great blog can be phenomenal. Focus on creating amazing content that others will talk about and link back to.

Not all traffic is equal

Social media can be useful for blog promotion. However, are users actually reading your blog or just bouncing back off your links and not returning? Search engine traffic is great because the consumers are actively searching for what you have to offer. This means they’re more likely to visit the blog and return. If people are referred to your blog, they should be more responsive as they’ve been recommended by someone they trust. Take all these angles into consideration when promoting.

You should be blogging at least twice a month to be able to build up a good reputation, acquire and retain more visitors. New and regular posts encourage people to return and keep social media votes coming. These new pages will also be added to search engine indexes.

Where to promote your blog (besides Facebook and Twitter)

Stumbleupon – known for being able to generate massive amounts of traffic to a website. It all starts with somebody “stumbling” upon your website. This is initially done by one of your readers clicking the “I Like it!” button on the toolbar while on your site. They’re giving you a thumbs up when they do that, and that puts your site in the Stumbleupon network base.

Reddit – a really great way to drive traffic to your blog. It’s a place where users can share interesting stuff they enjoyed from the web. Remember to comment and up vote others’ links and interact with the Reddit community, so not to appear spammy.

Delicious – make sure you are not just linking to your own pages. The proportion should be around eight other people’s posts to every one of your own.

Pinterest – Conversion rates for Pinterest traffic are 50% higher than conversion rates from other traffic. 80% of total Pinterest pins are repins, so be sure to create visually spectacular content so that your pictures will get circulated, meaning you get tons of exposure.

Does your blog get a lot of traffic? Share with us your top tips for growing an audience in the comments below.

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